What makes a career in home care so rewarding?

Two women playing post it and laughing at Right at Home, Weston-super-Mare

Right at Home provide home care services for people in need across North Somerset. - Credit: Right at Home

There are a few paths we can take to truly make a difference in someone’s life, but care is undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling. 

Right at Home, home care service providers in North Somerset, are committed to helping members of their community by offering support and companionship, whilst providing ample opportunities for their staff. 

Grant Attwood, managing director at Right at Home, describes the most beneficial aspects of pursuing a job as a professional carer.  

1) Home care workers make a genuine difference  

Care assistant helping client up stairs at Right at Home, Somerset

Care assistants make a real difference to their clients' quality of life, providing support and companionship. - Credit: Right at Home

Hearing positive feedback and thanks for the work you do, can be hugely rewarding and satisfying. By providing daily care to those who need it most, building relationships with people and listening to their stories, care assistants cement themselves into the wellbeing of their community.  

Solving challenges and improving the quality of life for clients is a daily occurrence, much of which centres on the interests of the particular individual. Grant said: “Many of our care assistants and staff members feel rightly proud of the work they do day in day out. They keep our clients happy and comfortable, and are highly praised for doing so."

“Taking people out into the wider community is one of the most rewarding parts of the job for our carers. They focus on an individual's interests, arranging visits to a local stable or bringing dogs to their homes. Making such a big impact is a common occurrence when providing home care.” 

2) Prospect of further care qualifications 

Stepping into the role of a care assistant comes with responsibility and reward in equal measure. Whilst gaining essential experience, carers have the chance to expand their skill set and gain valuable qualifications. Right at Home encourage their care assistants to take on NVQs, engage in regular internal training and open up certain career paths based on the staff member’s skills and interests. 

Grant explained: “We support our staff members throughout their careers, offering specialisms to assistants who show an interest in a certain field. If someone has an interest in taking care of patients with Alzheimer's disease, we can have a look at our online courses and allocate them to the carer."

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“Staff members can also take on different roles depending on study schedules, or if they feel that they are better suited to them. For example, relief roles provide care assistance to a wide range of clients, as opposed to the regular individuals that most carers see.” 

Care assistant plays cards with client at Right at Home, Somerset

Flexibility with schedules is a major benefit of home care work, as shift patterns are largely accommodating to people who have family commitments or are studying. - Credit: Right at Home

3) Home carers have lots of flexibility with work schedules 

Unlike the vast majority of office jobs, the shift patterns of carers are highly accommodating for those who are studying, have families or other commitments. Care assistants will usually work every other weekend, but during the week they are free to choose how many days they would like to work. They can also decide whether they prefer mornings or evenings.

Grant said: “All of our carers have some commitments on weekends, and many have study hours during the day. As such, as long as notice is given and there is communication on what working hours are best, we can try our hardest to accommodate them."

“If someone has a family member they look after during the evenings, and would rather work mornings, then the care assistant shift pattern can often be organised to suit their needs.” 

4) Giving back to the North Somerset community 

Carer helps client down her front door step at Right at Home, Weston-super-Mare

Right at Home staff often take clients out on trips that match their interests, such as going to the stables or heading to a cafe. - Credit: Right at Home

Many Right at Home carers host and take part in numerous local events and gatherings, particularly before Covid-19, and are taking steps to safely reintroduce such beneficial activities.  

The events are fun and great for local residents to get involved with, and the work done at the events plays a big part in helping to improve people’s quality of life. Grant explained: “Before Covid, we would regularly organise supported walks for our clients. We also ran friendship cafes where people could visit, come in for a chat and have a cup of tea – it's a great way to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness." 

“We’re really excited to start the events up again as they provide a fantastic opportunity for carers to get to know their clients better and contribute to the local community.” 

Right at Home are always looking for committed, caring individuals to join their team. If you are interested in a career in care, then visit rightathome.co.uk/north-somerset or call 01934 235411.

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