A selfish attitude for the college

I LIVE in Weston but I studied for my A-Levels at Bridgwater College.

I LIVE in Weston but I studied for my A-Levels at Bridgwater College. I was disgusted to read about Weston College plans to release A-Level results two hours earlier than other students from different colleges will receive theirs. They say they are doing this to the advantage of their students so they can get better chances with UCAS clearing.

This is a selfish attitude for the college to take and I am disgusted that Weston College do not feel that all students, no matter where they are studying, deserve the same opportunities! I understand that they are trying to think about their own students but have they not thought about how this would make other students such as myself feel? One student in your article commented on how stressful exams are but we are all in the same boat. Why should Weston College students get privileges? People should be able to get the best university places because they merit the place, not because they got their results two hours earlier. I will be contacting Bridgwater College to see if they plan to respond to these plans.


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