A stroke of genius

THE ineptitude of those at the council responsible forĀ our roadsĀ never ceases to amaze me.

THE ineptitude of those at the council responsible for our roads never ceases to amaze me.

I drove my usual route to the motorway today via Summer Lane Bridge to see that it will be closed for two weeks from September 1.

Amazing! Just in time for the children to go back to school and the return of the chaotic morning rush hour. What a stroke of genius!

It does not take Einstein or indeed, 20 pensioners in hi-vis jackets sat on deckchairs at roundabouts with clipboards for 12 hours, to work out that during school holidays there is a much lighter traffic flow than normal.

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Why then were these works not carried during this six week window creating minimum disruption?

Maybe those responsible for roadworks within our council should contact Somerset County Council and seek advice from them on road maintenance.

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They have just completed a two week road closure repair scheme on a main commuter route with very little disruption to traffic. Why? Because they sensibly arranged these works to coincide with a natural drop in traffic volume.

Summer Lane Bridge is a main route to Somerset Avenue and the motorway junction. There will be many who will need to find an alternative route to Junction 21. Whilst you are queuing in the traffic ask yourself this question. How long should we pay the wages of people to make such incompetent decisions?


Magdalen Way, Worle

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