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IF PROOF were needed for why the Winterstoke Hundred should announce UDI (unilateral declaration of independence), we have had it in bucketfuls.

IF PROOF were needed for why the Winterstoke Hundred should announce UDI (unilateral declaration of independence), we have had it in bucketfuls.

North Somerset has confirmed its adherence to failed policies regarding the Tropicana. It has moved on its long held ambition to close Poppyfields. Now it will ship hundreds of council jobs out of Weston at the cost of millions.

Weston town councillors who also serve on North Somerset Council should consider where their loyalties are - with the residents of Weston and its surroundings, or with North Somerset District Council and its anti-Weston bias?

They should withdraw from North Somerset Council in protest at the mistreatment of our town over the years.

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