Another hair-brained idea

LANDMARK? Here we go again, another hair-brained idea by our councillors, on the back of a much-needed project. A tower twice

LANDMARK? Here we go again, another hair-brained idea by our councillors, on the back of a much-needed project.A tower twice the height of the highest building currently on our seafront, and Councillor Crockford-Hawley wants to include in it housing for young families close to the beach. Firstly why do we need another focal point, so far we have had: - a light stick by Junction 21, a huge success - not! The roundabout by Morrisons that cost more than a few quid for a pile of stones to give commuters something to look at while they queue to get to work each morning. 'The Carrot' well the less said about that the better, I still don't get it. We had better leave out any mention of 'The Tropicana', or the giving away of Knightstone as a public amenity, while an asset at Birnbeck crumbles into the sea. Secondly, why a tower? We have not got businesses queuing up for high tech office space, a high tech tower would mean it included facilities for residents such as a gym, pool, etc, at high end prices for associated apartments, a low tech tower would mean a block of flats, all other cities and towns are pulling them down where possible. Housing for young families, low cost and access to a garden/yard that is where a lot of us started and where our kids want to start.Thirdly, yes to regeneration around the Dolphin Square area, but get realistic, we still have vacant shop space around the High Street area, businesses come and go and until we get a real direction for this town, a strategy to attract high and low tech industry, investment in tourist amenities, major companies with head or regional offices we will continue to muddle through with silly ideas. Sort out access to and from the town and motorway, talk to the big players in the tourist industry and talk to the residents.PAUL BURNS - Sunnyside Road, Weston

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