Association is deeply concerned

THE Weston Hotels and Restaurants Association would like to add our concerns about the unitary authority's plans to move out of Weston.

THE Weston Hotels and Restaurants Association would like to add our concerns about the unitary authorities' plans to move out of Weston.

The association is deeply concerned that the unitary authority is considering moving out of Weston the principle town of North Somerset with the largest population.

Is this really just a money saving decision? We don't think they have done their homework. The job losses and commuting to and from Weston alone would be damaging enough, but more seriously this will have a long term ramification on our town. This will not only effect tourism but shop closures and the prominence of our town will be lost.

There is also talk of closing the Tourist Information Centre on the seafront, selling off the family jewels such as the Playhouse, museum and Winter Gardens. This seems to be an admission that they have lost the plot. Without attracting visitors to our super town there will be a loss of income to the area and this will have a knock-on effect that could be irreversible.

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But I would like to congratulate the town council on this year's Christmas lighting in the town centre and Boulevard.

Many of our members commented on how good they look this year and guests staying in members' hotels and alike also remarked how great they look this year.

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Well done and looking forward to seeing them next year.


Weston-super-Mare Hotels and Restaurants Association

Milton Road, Weston

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