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YOUR story about Paul Cross and his concerns about taking his child in the Marine Lake due to glass do not surprise me.

YOUR story about Paul Cross and his concerns about taking his child in the Marine Lake due to glass do not surprise me.

I have phoned the council about this issue twice in the past few months, once when it took more than a week to clear the lake-side area of broken glass, litter, bottles and left over disposable barbecues. Although the litter was picked up the glass, that actually cut a lady so badly she needed treatment from an ambulance, only disappeared after a high tide.

The second call was made after my seven year old daughter stood on two empty submerged beer bottles when we went for an evening swim in the lake a few weeks ago, then we cleared up a further three wine and beer bottles and five beer cans from the beach.

I got the same answer on both occasions: "We will get someone down there to have a look with the contractors". When I mentioned that I had spoken to a ranger about this, I was told that they should be picking up objects such as this, but I don't really see them doing much around the lake, they seem to be down on the main beach and promenade most of the time.

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The contractors need to be cleaning the beach and lower walkways regularly . . . not just the top promenade.

Surely, the story of the lady who refuses to return to Weston after finding a needle on the beach at the Marine Lake earlier this year was enough bad press for this area, now this story, and I'm sure that I am not the only person who has complained to the council. Not forgetting that for everyone that does complain, how many others haven't but have gone away to spread the word of the state of the beach and lake?

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Having just visited the Northern Ireland coastline and 'resorts' on business, they have a �500 fine for anyone even drinking alcohol on some sea frontages and no glass problem. When was the last time we fined anyone around the lake for littering or is this like the parking - who is responsible to do the fining?

Let's just wait for a really bad injury shall we or a story to make the national press to get the council's cleaning dept to do their jobs properly?


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