Barking mad idea?

DON T you just love our pet dogs? Called man ' best friend they will follow us to life s end, and more.

DON'T you just love our pet dogs?

Called man's best friend they will follow us to life's end, and more.

But it seems, they may not be accompanying us anymore to some of Weston's favourite parks.

All because our leaders have come up with the barking-mad idea of banning our pooches from Drove Road and Baytree recreation grounds.

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Now, we all know we must pick up our pet's litter, keep them on a lead and even drag them away from some over-enthusiastic stranger who just HAS to know what breed and how old.

But to ban dogs altogether?

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We all, of course, hate to spot dog foul in our parks but to exclude the pooches altogether is out of hand.

Surely the solution is frequent patrolling wardens and well-sited poo bins.

Let's not rid the enjoyment of many by taking action because of a few.

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