Beach area was a building site

MY WIFE and I are regular holidaymakers to Weston but I am beginning to think that someone on the council doesn t want visitors any more.

MY WIFE and I are regular holidaymakers to Weston but I am beginning to think that someone on the council doesn't want visitors any more.

We were in town in October last year and the beach between the pier and Knightstone Island was inaccessible. I know that sea defence work has to be done but the whole of that beach area was a building site and I am sure access could have been possible if the storage of machinery, materials and concrete blocks had been better organised. At the same time the pier was being cleared of the remnants from the tragic fire and, because of the bike race, the grass area by the defunct swimming pool was fenced off. Not to mention the disaster that was the Marine Lake!

No doubt the sea defence work continues so on my next holiday at the end of March I rather expect Weston to resemble a building site.

I understand that Weston woods have been vandalised by contractors and are virtually impassable and, can it be true, that some public toilets are going to be closed?

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In its wisdom the council has decided that cafe owners are going to have to pay a fee to allow them to have tables and chairs outside their premises. It is a difficult time for all businesses, so why penalise cafe owners for providing outside seating for their customers? Why penalise holidaymakers who like to use these facilities, because I am sure some cafes will just withdraw the tables.

It could be an interesting holiday.

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