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PURCHASE of former Clerical Medical building: Where's the business plan?

PURCHASE of former Clerical Medical building: Where's the business plan?

I attended the North Somerset Council meeting last week when the chief executive gave an attractive and persuasive presentation to councillors but which, in my opinion, was extremely short on some important details. For example, who amongst council employees and which amongst its many departments will be affected by the inevitable relocation of staff?

Surely, it is a buyer's market in the present economic climate and, therefore, there is no need to rush the decision to buy this building or not.

In my view, it is not a prudent matter to make the purchase before a business plan has been formulated in every detail. Such a plan would take into account the precise nature of the council's proposed rearrangements of departments and staff - especially taking into account where the staff affected currently live since no-one, presumably, wants to see the daily exodus at junction 21 further exacerbated.

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I, and many like me, feel like the little boy who can see that the king is not wearing any clothes.


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