Cadbury House column - Keeping social just as important at the club and spa

Bardolino is inspired by famed chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White.

Bardolino is inspired by famed chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White. - Credit: Cadbury House

Heading to your local health club or gym is usually about burning those calories, getting fit for a physical challenge or just losing a few pounds before going on holiday.

But being part of a club is, for a lot of people, much more than that, especially from a social point of view. The same can be said for meeting up with friends for a bite to eat, drink or just to have a catch up.

After the last 24 months of on and off lockdown, many people are working from home a lot more and have not returned to the office. The result being, a lot of people’s socialising patterns have changed immeasurably and means they are losing out on important interactions with friends, colleagues and family.

So now that Covid-19 restrictions have gone, the chance to go out, whether it’s for an exercise class or to meet up for a bite to eat or drink will go a long way to help rebuild family dynamics or lapsed friendships.

Jason Eaton, general manager at the club and spa at Cadbury House said: “We all know the benefits and importance of taking regular exercise. The same must also be said about spending quality time with friends, family and colleagues and not becoming too isolated.

“Some people have been affected by the pandemic more than others, so to re-establish contact with others or to just be in a bustling environment helps people’s state of mind.

“Going to a class with a gym buddy is a great way to take exercise but to also have a catch up. Even going to a class on your own is good for both body and mind as you’ll get to see familiar faces and lots of other people. What is also good is just going out to see familiar faces.

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“Here at the club and spa we also have a fantastic first-floor restaurant called Bardolino which is inspired by famed chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White and is open to anyone who wants a bite to eat, drink or just somewhere to relax.

“A lot of members as well as day guests love to work up a sweat or go for a swim and then head up to the first floor where they enjoy some food and drink. Anyone can come in to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and our hand-made pizzas and pastas are just delicious.

“The balcony affords stunning views out across the North Somerset countryside and is just so relaxing just to sit and enjoy the view. A lot of people also come here to work and make the most of the free WiFi.

“Spending quality time with friends and family provides many benefits. Just getting out of the house is also important. It builds confidence, helps reduce anxiety, allows you to relax, develops bonds and improves communication skills. It also helps build memories.”