Can't see any reasoning in the decision

WHEN is choice, not choice? It appears when North Somerset Council is involved.

WHEN is choice, not choice? It appears when North Somerset Council is involved.

Is there any one else disgruntled and confused with the allocation of primary and secondary school places to you this year?

A lot of people I have spoken to are unhappy with their allocated schools, and cannot see any reasoning in the decision. They all seem to think they are alone.

Personally, we have been allocated our third preference secondary school for one daughter and the second preference primary for the other.

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It appears that the school open nights and glossy prospectus documents were a complete waste of the public's time and the schools' money.

Our experience is that there are school places offered to some which others want. You are forced to accept the third choice for fear of losing the place and ending up somewhere even more unsuitable for your requirements.

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We had made a preference for two schools, and got neither, only to be offered our third choice. Then we found that people who wanted our third choice couldn't have it because we are taking up the place.

The whole allocation system, second round of allocations, waiting lists, and appeals, is very difficult to understand for the layman, and even, it appears, for those on the council helpline. Last week they were not 100 per cent clear even how long they would hold the lists before passing them on to the local schools. We have been given a place on the waiting list, but it keeps going up and down. How?

Some hard questions need to be put to the local council, and we need to push for a 'swapping' of places where appropriate. It appears the lists cannot change without the domino effect, but how can anyone start the dominoes off?


Clarkson Avenue, Weston

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