Can't see much change

I HAVE been following the recent correspondence concerning the Waves cafe.

I HAVE been following the recent correspondence concerning the Waves cafe. I used Waves cafe quite a lot and was always pleased with the service the owner and her family gave.

The food was of good quality, prices reasonable.

When I had occasion to take my elderly relative there in her last years her order was always the same, a cup of tea and a toasted teacake cut up into small pieces. This was always done without a murmur even though the staff may have been busy.

I see Waves will now be under new ownership with a rent of �50,000 pounds a year. Add to that business rates and staff and I can't see much change out of a tenner for a medium meal and a cup of tea.

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Probably twice the price Waves was charging.

Now yet another cafe is planned on the sight of the Tourist Information Centre which will hit the established cafes close such as the Oxford Corner.

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It is apparent that in line with the new pier and promenade the more ordinary cafes are not wanted.

So what I am saying is don't forget to lend your support to places like the Oxford Corner, Nook and Harbour, etc., which have served visitors so well for so many years.


Brookdale Road, Headley Park, Bristol

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