Cannot afford to be picky

WESTON'S loss will be another town's gain.

WESTON'S loss will be another town's gain.

Nobody raised an eyebrow when Laura Ashley had a lovely outlet in Homebase but when it wanted to open a new store in Marchfields Way at least one member of the council opposed it as being inappropriate, that's odd when there is Gala Bingo across the road.

By allowing Laura Ashley there it was feared this would weaken the town centre and encourage bulky goods to other sites. I don't know how councillors came to that conclusion considering there are not many large empty buildings in Weston. Perhaps it was felt Weston might eventually get too close to the helicopter graveyard for comfort.

One of the council's last statements was that it wants to encourage big name retailers to the town and up-market shops to the town centre, but we live in uncertain times so you cannot afford to be too picky, which is probably the reason why there is a new betting shop opposite the job centre.

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Hazeldene Road, Weston

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