Charges at Bristol airport

IN RESPONSE to Dave Crump of Winscombe s recent letter, I would like to set the record straight on the issues he raised about charges at Bristol International.

IN RESPONSE to Dave Crump of Winscombe's recent letter, I would like to set the record straight on the issues he raised about charges at Bristol International. Following a recent visit to the airport, Mr Crump state he was unable to pay for his stay with cash and that a charge was applicable to all card payments. In reality, all eight machines in the 'landside' area accept coins, notes and both debit and credit cards. On the rare occasions when there is a fault with the machines, the situation is rectified quickly and signposting to alternative machines is provided.

One machine in both domestic and international arrivals halls (which, as he was picking up his parents, Mr Crump would have been unable to access on the occasion in question) is 'card only' but is adjacent to an alternative machine taking coins, notes and cards. As each credit card payment incurs a handling fee, we encourage other forms of payment for lower transaction values, hence there is no transaction fee charged for debit cards. Mr Crump also states his parents were charged £2 for a luggage trolley, and questions how foreign visitors who do not have British currency can pay for this service. It is worth clarifying that the charge for the use of a luggage trolley is in fact £1 or 2 Euros, with a credit card payment option available free of charge in this case.

It is disappointing that although he and his family clearly enjoy the opportunity to travel direct to 120 destinations across the globe from their local airport, at a much lower cost than would have been possible even ten years ago, Mr Crump does not feel he is receiving value for money at Bristol International. By contrast, over 80 per cent of car parking customers surveyed in the second quarter of 2008 rated the experience as "good" or "excellent", with 57 percent saying it was "good" or "very good" value for money.


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Commercial Manager (Car Parks), Bristol International Airport

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