Comments have come home to roost

I HATE to say I told you so but all my comments about The Tropicana development, or should I say lack of, have come home to roost.

I HATE to say 'I told you so' but all my comments about The Tropicana development, or should I say lack of, have come home to roost.

How much of our money will inept councillors and people in authority continue to throw away, on the next investigation or feasibility study, into renovating this rapidly deteriorating facility.

Weston should have gone with homegrown ideas of refurbishing and saving this historic venue. Mr Nightingale and a local group were brushed aside with arrogance and an obvious inability to put any serious life back into our local economy.

This inept attitude continues with our latest road upgrade scheme, a bus lane used every 20 minutes at most. Councillor Ap Rees again shows how he fails to have his finger on the pulse by stating in the Mercury:- "This is all about trying to get people out of their cars and using public transport by improving services between Bristol and Weston.

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"The bus lane will really make no difference to the existing road layout for all normal traffic."

We are going to bottleneck homecoming traffic at Junction 21 to force people to consider using a bus service that is overpriced and does not actually work for most commuters? I don't think so.

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As to making a difference, two lanes actually worked, it just needed safety improvements and extending, not one lane removed and empty for 57 minutes every hour, used for three buses in that time.

Removing the lay-by that was used as a car sharing pick up and drop off point, surely that is a more workable option to get people out of their cars, and should be encouraged.

This ineptitude continues despite changes in leadership over the years. Just when are we going to find a group of people to run our affairs to improve our local economy and infrastructure, to look after the people born and bred in Weston? We do have a strong insight into what is needed for this town to go forward.

I suggest the councillors get into local bars, clubs and other places local people meet and listen to them.


Sunnyside Road, Weston

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