Common sense over Ashton Vale

AT LAST some people with common sense re the Ashton Vale/Bristol City application.

AT LAST some people with common sense re the Ashton Vale/Bristol City application.

The people that want this access road just don't understand that what is right for Bristol is not necessarily the same for North Somerset.

We do have the right to disagree with what Bristol City Council wants and if we feel this road would be wrong for North Somerset then we have the right to say no.

The councillors looked at all the facts and it was very clear that the plans were wrong, the traffic would be a nightmare around Long Ashton and Ashton Vale and, yes, it would destroy the green belt.

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Ashton Gate can be redeveloped; they have enough land to do this. Go to Newcastle, Plymouth, even Chelsea, all these clubs had approximately the same size stadium to work with and have achieved wonderful stadiums.

Also Ashton Gate has the facilities to cater for banquets, corporate events, matchday hospitality and non-matchday hospitality.

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Some of the biggest names have held concerts at Ashton Gate (so it's hardly falling down) indeed under the Dolman Stand they can cater for up to 300 people for banqueting functions.

So well done to all the councillors involved in this decision it was good to see some people acting on common sense and listening to what the people of North Somerset have said - protect our green belt and no to the access road.


Condor Close, Weston

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