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t is excellent news to hear that the Police Teenage Anti-Social Behaviour 'Form 142 initiative' is beginning to be used around the region

t is excellent news to hear that the Police Teenage Anti-Social Behaviour 'Form 142 initiative' is beginning to be used around the region. It is more than welcoming that 20 have been issued in Portishead - and not before time. It's about time that some parents knew what their sons and daughters are up to. H Owen (Mailbox December 13) insists that we should all get used to more teenagers hanging out in the town. Well that's fine, as long as they are law abiding, respectable and respectful to their elders. Who wants gangs of drunken, loud, obnoxious and sometimes frightening yobs roaming the Lake Grounds or High Street? This unruly minority must be dealt with. Now before H Owen again accuses me of discriminating against teenagers, let me assure you that I am not. I have two grown-up children who are now in their twenties who have successfully negotiated their teenage years with flying colours and I apply this admiration to the majority of kids who are now growing in the town.The teenage and young adults of the town need 'somewhere to go'. I would ask the the youth club leaders assisted by North Somerset Council to consider 're-branding' its facilities and activities, making it a place where many more youngsters want to go, particularly when it's due to have £1 million pounds spent on it.It would also seem that many are content in knocking the availability of the Kodak building - why shouldn't this become a combined all-weather skate park, 10-pin bowling alley and maybe a cinema? Yes this would require private investment, but please remember that Portishead is no longer a one horse town and maybe somebody may come forward - I wish Bill Shier and the Portishead Tourism Group every success and would urge all local councillors to support this initiative if this begins to take shape. The identification of a suitable location for the Skateboard Park is even more important now that people are considering it being used in the evening and winter with the aid of flood-lights. We need to be careful in making recommendations. The last thing we want is to create an environment where residents can't relax during the evenings. Alan McMurray Portishead Town Councillor.

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