Crisis that is modern-day UK

I AM writing with reference to the article Cat is beaten to death .

I AM writing with reference to the article 'Cat is beaten to death'.

The growing numbers of unfortunate individuals that are falling victim to abuse from thugs and other depraved individuals is alarming.

It is another worrying example of the looming crisis that is modern day UK. No respect for others and their property. The 'if I want it I will take it' attitude of so many people. The 'I live in a cess pit so I will make sure everyone else does' attitude to litter, grafitti, etc, and ultimately, and this is the saddest aspect, the total disrespect for human and animal lives.

This poor cat Purdy is an innocent victim of our times. The victim not only of some warped individuals with blood on their hands but also the victim of a law system that only permits a maximum of six months in prison to an individual that causes harm to animals. Even the most appalling acts of violence and murder to animals will only carry six months. What sort of message does that send out?

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I am pleased that the police attended the scene but how this story would have been so much different if the victim had been human.

It is not acceptable in our society to skirt over such gruesome injuries to any life, as that of being beaten to death with a breeze block If we accept this kind of violence, regardless of whether it is to animals or people, and treat it with a couldn't really care less attitude, we are cementing a society that begins to accept such things as normal and that is so dangerous.

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It was Gandhi who said: "we can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. The measure of a society can be judged by how well its people treat its animals".

And a genuine heartfelt sorry to Purdy for the uncaring times we live in.

Dean Harris

Manilla Crescent, Weston

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