WHATEVER happened to democracy?

WHATEVER happened to democracy?

For some reason the parish councillors of Wick St Lawrence want to put a play area on the green in Wick (sounds like a great idea).

Despite the fact that every other play area in the vicinity has been vandalised, one so badly that it has had to be abandoned because it is unsafe.

Despite the fact that the green is already really well used by families, children and responsible dog walkers alike (on the evening of the last parish council meeting there were 28 people playing on the green).

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Despite the fact that, of the 495 people who have expressed a view 87.87 per cent said they don't want it, and only eight per cent said they did.

The parish councillor's response has been to simply say that they will make the decision in closed chambers because we have not understood what they are trying to do.

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So the question is a simple one - whatever happened to democracy?


Bluebell Road, Wick St Lawrence

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