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EDITOR'S NOTE: Our article on page 3 in the Weston Mercury last week prompted pens and paper to come out and below we are carrying extracts from those letters

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our article on page 3 in the Weston Mercury last week prompted pens and paper to come out and below we are carrying extracts from those letters. We do not use letters which do not include a full name and address although in special circumstances we are willing to withhold this information.I READ last week's article, about Councillor John Ley-Morgan's nomination as deputy mayor having been voted down, with interest. The only knowledge I have of Mr Ley-Morgan is that he spoke against Barcode and the Uphill Village Society grant - hardly the sort of forward thinking, civic minded approach that most local people would look for from an aspiring mayor.However, what really struck me about the story was the way in which Councillor Mike Bell had the guts to get up and say what he really felt about the issue. I found his honesty refreshing, and his eloquent speech re-asserted the sort of values which many of our local councillors seem to have lost touch with. Let's hope others will follow his lead.K MACDONALD-FRASER - Montpelier, WestonI HAVE had John Ley-Morgan's active support on a four-year boundary problem. He has been sympathetic and encouraging, and quick to act when asked to do so.I am also aware that he litter-picks the Uphill Donkey Field and The Copse on a monthly basis. This is done without fanfare or photographs in the local press and for the simple reason that he takes pride in the ward and is offended when these attractive areas become spoilt by accumulated litter.There is no doubt in my mind that Mr Ley-Morgan is indeed a man of calibre, who would raise the profile of the town council and fly the flag for Weston, in the same tireless manner that he campaigned for the restoration of the town to Somerset.SHIRLEY P CAMPBELL - Thornbury Drive, UphillWHILST I wouldn't necessarily have agreed with everything he said, well done to Councillor Mike Bell for saying what a lot of readers must have been thinking - that John Ley-Morgan isn't the right man to be Mayor.Mr Ley-Morgan led the opposition to the Barcode Youth Cafe and only seems to comment to criticise or object to something. We need local councillors who listen and get on with the job, not people who think they know it all.P EVANS - Milton Hill, WorleburyI FIRST got to know Councillor Ley-Morgan during the Back to Somerset campaign that he led so successfully from 1989-1996. There can be few people, if any, with a greater pride in his home town than Cllr Ley-Morgan. I believe that he would bring dignity and passion to the role of Mayor.R D WENHAM - Stanhope Road, WestonWHAT an interesting way to make history. But if an example of John Ley-Morgan's work is to suggest closing the successful Barcode, I guess Councillor Bell was only speaking the thoughts of those hundreds of people who fought to save it.MRS J HOW - Connaught Place, WestonOH oh poor John, you will never learn will you? You speak out all the time and you are a frequent visitor to these pages. John Ley-Morgan tells it like it is and asks awkward questions our council does not want to answer. It's called debate. You can't win John. Good luck, we need you. So remain a Fiend to the council and Friend to Weston.BOB PAYNTER - Manilla Crescent, Weston

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