Detail would be minor

MY HEART leapt when I read the letter from Laura Jones 'Should be ashamed of yourselves'.

MY HEART leapt when I read the letter from Laura Jones 'Should be ashamed of yourselves'.

The fact that planning permission for a mosque was refused in Orchard Street should have been only due to problems of density, noise levels and parking. As I have business connections with Orchard Street I can appreciate the difficulties and even dangers to children from the traffic in that area. I am pleased to see that the Mercury responded correctly in its opinion column defending the rights of Weston's ever growing ethnic Muslim minority.

It is to Rafiq Islam's credit that he has taken the refusal of planning permission on the chin and turned the other cheek to the prejudice it provoked. I urge him now to write to our Conservative MP John Penrose and request his help in establishing the Mosque in a more suitable place, perhaps Sidcot or Winscombe, where there is ample room and safety.

Perhaps we could look forward to the creation of a new Government watchdog whose inspectors would be allowed to visit churches on a regular basis and monitor the attendance records.

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If it is found that the number of people attending a certain church has fallen below the required level then it could automatically assume the role of a Mosque. Physically this would mean the removal of the Cross from the church spire and the installation of the Islamic minaret. No planning permission would be required as the detail would be very minor. This would increase people's understanding and ensure our children have a better world in which to grow up.


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