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WHY are we here again? Weston's councillors want the museum to close!

WHY are we here again? Weston's councillors want the museum to close! The museum is one of the town assets. Where do people go to find Weston's Heritage from Iron Age forts, Roman Times and on?

The museum and its collection is not something that is replaceable after it has been thrown away.

I came to Weston 33 years ago became a member of the newly set up Museum Club. My husband John was treasurer for a few years.

More recently I displayed the People's Collection in the forecourt. There was no shortage of children and adults wanting to show their collections. There is still a good sized and enthusiastic Museum Club so why is this the answer to the council's shortage of money?

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I rank this with the council's determination to move everything to Clevedon, making a lot of people out of work or having to do a great deal more travelling.

Where does all the money go? There are thousands and thousands of pounds paid by the people of Weston in council tax.

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I personally think that councillors should be paid on results. I do think this council have not been good stewards of our money.


The Inclosures, Weston Village

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