AS A local taxpayer and voter, perhaps I may be permitted some observations on Cllr Ap Rees' letter?

AS A local taxpayer and voter, perhaps I may be permitted some observations on Cllr Ap Rees' letter?

I am encouraged that North Somerset Council recognises that its employees deserve good working conditions. May I presume that this policy is to be extended to all North Somerset employees, and to members of the public using North Somerset buildings and facilities? I trust that the 'better working conditions' will encompass North Somerset employees receiving a pay increase this year which at least keeps pace with inflation.

I note, too, his claim that most executive members of the council are successful businessmen, 'keeping the pressure on to keep tax down and recognise the need to make savings'. We are all aware as to where, in the service provision of North Somerset Council, the savings are to be made.

I accept that budgets must be set and financial plans composed, but I wonder whether the seeming majority of businessmen executing the finances are completely in North Somerset's favour. I am minded of the wisdom of Oscar Wilde, "The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing".

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I am not surprised that there may not be many of the electorate opposing the current plans. Having attended a local Stop Tesco's meeting at which a North Somerset councillor stated that to oppose Tesco's proposed shop in Severn Road would be unsuccessful and severely deplete the finances of the council, my confidence in democracy and the present electoral system is, to say the least, somewhat diminished.


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