Fair indication of our society

THE treatment of Olive Jones is scandalous, but a fair indication of our society.

THE treatment of Olive Jones is scandalous, but a fair indication of our society.

It seems inclusivity is the order of the day, except when it comes to Christian things. Note also the treatment of nurse Caroline Petrie a few months ago, and the withdrawing of prayers at the start of the Winscombe parish council meetings. Tips of a very large iceberg?

When I was a headteacher in inner-city Birmingham, I regularly allowed the Gideons into assembly. They explained their faith and gave Bibles to the pupils. Never was there any complaint from the Muslim (and other faiths) pupils or parents, who received the gifts with respect and politeness. The only opposition came from a few politically correct teachers, seemingly with some sort of axe to grind.

We are a nation rejecting our Christian heritage, and the teaching of the Bible and Ten Commandments. Are we the better for it? Are our streets safer, is discipline better in schools, are we taking less medication, or are we more stress-free?

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We have a wonderful Monarch who years ago was crowned and handed a Bible. Will we continue to allow our Christian heritage to be eroded? I don't remember us voting on this policy. Many of our Muslim friends think we are crazy for surrendering it.

There is no Copenhagen conference to discuss moral and spiritual change, but this could have an even greater detrimental effect upon our nation. Is it too late for a wake up call?

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