Frustrations of the operation

DID everyone out there enjoy D day?

DID everyone out there enjoy D day? Of course those with Sky or Cable TV will not have experienced the joys of changing our sets from analogue to digital so will not understand the frustrations of the operation.

We started on our main TV which has a digi box and found, like many others, that we had the Welsh station. Onto the helpline, which was like trying to make an appointment at the doctors' surgery - eventually we were told to take the ariel out and start again. This worked, except that we lost some of our favourite Freeview channels. A third visit to the helpline and we were given six two numbered codes, that is after a load of technical information that we did not understand.

On the fourth call we were told that we must keep trying because the signals were being increased and we would eventually get all our stations.

In the TV adverts Digit Al told us it was simple so I hope he has now been consigned to the old television graveyard.

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Why could the helpline operators not have told us about the delay in the first place? It would have saved a lot of trauma.

We had also bought two new televisions and the same thing happened to them. We struggled all day on Wednesday and by Thursday we eventually got all our stations.

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Why did we have to go through all this? It is not as though most of television is worth


All I hope is that some of the helpline operators had bigger headaches on Wednesday evening than we did.


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