Grabbed it around the throat

ON JANUARY 22 I went to Sand Bay beach for my usual walk with my dog.

ON JANUARY 22 I went to Sand Bay beach for my usual walk with my dog. We were only walking for two minutes when a lady with three dogs, one on a lead, a Jack Russell, and the others off-lead, got out of a car and crossed in front of me. She looked nervous so I said my dog was perfectly OK with other dogs and people.

My dog happens to be a male Rottweiler, one of three that I own, so I am used to the nervous if unwarranted looks from people.

With that, her two off-lead dogs started to bark at mine. Then, without any warning at all, the Jack Russell on the long lead lunged at my dog and grabbed it around the throat and did not let go, biting in deeper and harder as it swung from my dog's neck. While this was happening the lady's other dogs were circling and barking and joining in the attack.

My poor dog just stood there with this frenzied animal hanging off his jugular and didn't even retaliate. I couldn't release this dog from mine.

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Finally, to get her dog off, the lady kicked it frantically in the side. After gathering the other two she turned and promptly rushed to her car and drove off. I tried to get her number plate, but it was too filthy to read. I would, however, recognise the car should I see it again.

What astounds me is this woman never even apologised or asked if I or my dog was alright. On inspection, he was torn from one ear nearly to the other.

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This has resulted in a very big vet's bill as the wound became infected and because of this incident, we couldn't compete at an obedience show or dog show he had been entered in. All in all, the incident cost me a vast amount of money and distress.

So if the person is reading this I offer some advice: If you are going to own a dog, be a responsible dog owner and put a muzzle on it, and some training wouldn't go amiss. Your dog would have killed a smaller dog, and next time it could be a child.

And for you to run off and drive away at speed leads one to the obvious conclusion that it wasn't the first attack.

Could you imagine the outcome and fuss if it had been my Rottweiler who had done this to another dog? I live every day with dirty looks, being sworn and shouted at and people running away or crossing the road, not because my dogs have done anything wrong but just because I own a breed of dog that is misrepresented and misunderstood.

This is just one more incident in a catalogue my dogs and I have endured because there are still those who do not understand that the priority for those responsible for dogs is that the owners first be trained.


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