Grimmer than we thought

WELL DONE The Mercury for the article of September 24 – Litter Picking should not be a Playground Punishment

WELL DONE The Mercury for the article of September 24 - 'Litter Picking should not be a Playground Punishment' however sadly the response to the question asked 'out of context' in your on-line poll and reported in 'Have your Say' last week was less helpful.

Indeed, has it really served to help in trying to change the culture of those who regularly deface our town and countryside with litter?

Ideally it would be great if there was an effective way of disciplining those mindless individuals who regularly drop their Coke cans and take-away cartons when they have no further use for them.

It is the genuinely caring youngsters, who put themselves out voluntarily to clear up after these useless tykes that are our heroes.

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That is why it seems to us that to use litter clearing as a punishment in schools delivers an underlying message that in itself demeans a helpful and useful act.

Most forward thinking societies would encourage and reward litter picking, not use it as a punishment.

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Perhaps it is the last resort for a few administrations who have run out of better ways to discipline errant pupils.

If in reality the majority of your voters really do perceive our logic as 'barmy' then perhaps the future for the environment is grimmer than we had thought!



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