Henry Boot has marched away

THE Lifestation@Tropicana is dead - long live the Tropicana.

THE Lifestation@Tropicana is dead - long live the Tropicana.

The developer, Henry Boot, has marched away, leaving heavy footprints on the red face of an embarrassed North Somerset Council. It amazed me that, when interviewed on television about the future, the deputy leader had the gall to say they would have to consult the public.

Does this man not read the many letters in the press condemning the original plans and has he not seen the petition of over 25,000 people submitted by Dick Whittington. All the people of Weston want is a pool with a roof and not the gigantic monstrosity that was planned.

The leader of tourism has stated that there is no chance of a pool - well, sorry, that seems more than just negative and not in the spirit of tourism. It is unbelievable that a seaside resort the size of Weston has no facility for swimming. Yes there is Hutton Moor, about a mile from the coast, but there is limited access for the public due to the clubs that use the pool. Of course there is always the sea if you want to tackle the mudflats as you walk halfway to Wales - not a good idea.

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There are organisations out there with excellent ideas, so would it not be possible for everybody to get together to work for a positive future to put the super back into Weston-super-Mare.


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