How difficult and confusing

HAVING just returned from our local transfer station to dispose of some garden waste, I was greeted by 10 or 12 very polite and helpful staff.

HAVING just returned from our local transfer station to dispose of some garden waste, I was greeted by 10 or 12 very polite and helpful staff.

It's all change again - let's see how confusing and difficult we can make it for people, increase the lengths of queues (all those cars using all that fuel). We now have one little tiny spot, enough for one car, to dispose of garden waste, there was never enough room before.

When I approached a very helpful member of staff she said they have just taken over, this part belongs to us those skips belong to another company. We will be making some more changes. This should have been thought out properly and implemented straightaway, more alteration and more costs.

While I am in favour of recycling, it's about time the Government and councils sorted out the manufacturers to use less packaging, instead of penalising us.

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While I am in a moaning mood - roads - we won't mention the pot holes, apart from a few yellow lines I cannot see any work being done, but we can make a lovely footpath on the way to Congresbury and at Congresbury - then we make a bus lane (would have the money be better spent on traffic lights to get off the motorway from the south like we have coming from the north.

Then in the Boulevard we put up crossings (which should have been done years ago) now making it safer for people to cross but at the same time we narrow it down to one lane into town, great commonsense - you have a car turning right and that holds up everyone else, traffic into town is at a stand still.

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Come on talk about the environment - all that waste of fuel.

While I am on the subject I now see they are going to put traffic lights at the round about by B & Q - why did they ever put the white lines and get rid of one lane, that in its self caused a build up of traffic.

Tropicana - let Nightingales have it and we will have our pool in my life time and not that ugly sight.

I could go on and on. Progress? We are going backwards. The trouble is, and I am just as much to blame, we all sit around having our cups of tea putting the world to right. We should be getting off our back sides and doing something about it - the vast majority do not want to spent �16million on going to Clevedon, they won't listen. Let's all stop paying our council tax - then they will.

I'm glad I am the age I am, this country has turned me into a grumpy old man.

But I can say we have a fantastic hospital in Weston - they are great.


Fulmar Road, Worle

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