Hundreds of years

IN SUPPORT of the Rev Mike Slade's comments in last week's Mercury.

IN SUPPORT of the Rev Mike Slade's comments in last week's Mercury.

How can a council change a tradition that goes back hundreds of years just because one person takes offence at being asked to pray?

I strongly suspect it's because there is a growing band of atheists, hiding behind the smokescreen of political correctness, who are determined to have their own way.

Is there one rule for them and another for everyone else? Christians and members of other faiths are not allowed to express their faith in public, nurses are suspended for offering to pray for their patients, British Airways staff are banned from wearing crosses around their necks, so why are atheists allowed to impose their non-belief on everyone by simply making up a new rule?

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When the PC Brigade objected to Christians celebrating the Millennium, the Council of British Moslems wrote an open letter to the Archbishop supporting him to make a stand against the rising tide of secularism in this country.

I think it's time, not only for the church, but for members of all faiths to stand up and be counted.

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