I am a modern Conservative

MANY thanks to the Rev Geoff Eales for last week's letter entitled 'Cannon Fodder'.

MANY thanks to the Rev Geoff Eales for last week's letter entitled 'Cannon Fodder'.

Firstly I would like to respond by stating that in my opinion Weston is definitely not racist. Secondly that I am neither anti-religion or suffering from a feeling of NIMBYism but that I am a modern Conservative.

I have many friends within Weston's Conservative community who are very pro multiculturalism and politically correct as I am myself. Having not seen Rafiq Islam recently I do not know if he has had a reply from our MP John Penrose about building a new mosque in Winscombe.

I would have no objection to seeing one in Newland Road but there just isn't the space. However all is not lost. As reported in the Mercury recently it would seem that everything is up for sale. With this in mind another ideal spot could be the playing fields between Milton and Locking roads. Knowing many Conservative councillors myself I don't think planning permission would be too great a problem here as I am sure they have every respect for our Moslem brothers and sisters as indeed the Rev Eales and I do.

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As to the idea of taking over a Weston nightclub for this purpose I find this highly improbable as these premises have been used for the sale of alcohol, something which the Koran does not condone and neither do I. The only thing I don't understand is that the Rev Eales seems on the one hand tor regard my thoughts an anti Christian and yet on the other hand that my ideas should be endorsed by all citizens of Weston regardless of their religion. This leaves me rather confused and I would love to hear his explanation.


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