I deplore the scaremongering tactics

MAY I extend my warmest and most grateful thanks to all who have responded to my initial request to attend the meeting held at the Winter Gardens, Weston

MAY I extend my warmest and most grateful thanks to all who have responded to my initial request to attend the meeting held at the Winter Gardens, Weston, last Thursday (October 26). I was delighted that some 230 attended and asked some 37 questions on the subject of the Tropicana. They firmly registered their feelings with the votes indicated. May I also thank those present for their financial contribution of £166.38 and the North Somerset Community Action Association for their donation of £50. Some of those in attendance have been kind enough to indicate that they felt the meeting was indeed useful and informative. I must however record personally that I regretted the absence of a larger number of councillors, indeed the only one from North Somerset stayed barely 15 minutes but the five from our town council were more than welcome. I must record that Councillors Hockridge and Rosslyn Willis did give their apologies as well as Weston's Town Mayor, Councillor Paula Howell. I felt it was a missed opportunity for North Somerset Council to inform the electorate of the present situation regarding plans and development. They are welcome to make use of our next public meeting at the United Reformed Church Hall on Monday, November 20 at 7pm when we also intend to inform the audience of the action we have taken and the results of any further progress. I indicated clearly in my letter to North Somerset Council, that we clearly consider North Somerset Council to be the body responsible for any poll and I deplore the scaremongering tactics and statements made by some councillors indicating that other facilities eg youth and community work, will suffer should a poll take place. I would expect a sensible council to indicate a sensible and the most economical method and prior to undertaking it state the real and actual cost and why they have chosen that method. This is what I would call an open and transparent system of government. They might, if really far sighted invite the electorate to submit their own ideas on how to conduct such an operation - and listen to these ideas. The feelings engendered by our meeting indicate that the electorate is more than fed up with the image and programmes that North Somerset is presenting to residents and I can only say that the ballot box next May ought to give us the democratic answer - not a party political response. We shall all be interested in the final outcome. I trust that it will be soon and welcomed by all.RICHARD WHITTINGTONMeeting chair

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