I felt it was a massive stroke of good luck

HAVING been born and bred in the town and always aware of its 'performance' as a tourist resort, I was buoyed up by the news that the Carters were coming to Weston

HAVING been born and bred in the town and always aware of its 'performance' as a tourist resort, I was buoyed up by the news that the Carters were coming to Weston for some of the summer holidays with their vintage funfair. I have always wondered why we have a second rate effort of a funfair well out of season at the Rugby Club car park, unlike resorts like Torquay and Paignton, who use their beach lawns annually for the funfairs and many other events that have travelling funfair rides. After the devastation caused by the pier fire, I felt it was a massive stroke of good luck that the town had secured Carters and that would go someway, and I believe has indeed gone a long way, towards providing an attraction that actually brought the seafront to life this summer. My children and their friends have had plenty of fun during their school holidays visiting Carters, as has I would imagine many other children and equally adults reminiscing about the old style funfair. I feel that we as a resort should owe gratitude to the Carter family for helping us out in our time of need.I was however saddened to read of the story about some seafront residents having to keep their windows closed and even having to move from their homes due to the 'obnoxious gases' generated from Carters Steam Fair. As with most good things, I guess someone had to find a problem of some sort with the fair being there. Well, as your report states the fumes from diesel generators and music going on 'late into the evening' was the downfall of this popular attraction and became too much for some to bear!I do not recall there being a constant wind coming off the sea this August blowing fumes their way and I thought the 60s period music was well regulated in volume and to say that it played late into the evening when the fair I believe mostly closed at 7pm and 9pm on the weekends seems a bit harsh!Councillor Ap Rees is reported to have said there could be a remedy to the Carters issue in future years. Well, how about an invitation to Carters to return again next year and for the town to supply as a thank you mains electricity or 'hushed low emission' generators? Secondly, yes I think the seafront residents need to be informed of future attractions coming to the lawns, but they chose to reside there and have the views and the air 99 percent of the time but if we are to move forward let's encourage all kinds of events on the lawns. We have a much better geographical position than most resorts and great transport links (thus the success of T4). If we are to move forward let's support and give praise when due, not negativity to most events.Oh, a small note on another topical story regarding the lawns, today is Monday, September 1. Upon driving along the front this evening and still seeing the travellers camped in their 08 registered luxury motor homes, I also see one took delivery of a 58 number plated 4 X 4 today! Friday, but action should have been taken at 23.59 Friday night to send them a clear message. Sadly it seems like they have achieved victory. I wonder how long it would take to be moved on if we parked our cars on the lawns and slept in them. Only a few hours I would guess! I hate to say it but, seafront residents, look forward to seeing them again next year!A R MOORE - Via email

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