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WE FELT we must write and express our confusion over various comments by Nigel Ashton and Peter Bryant in last week's Mercury (page 17).

WE FELT we must write and express our confusion over various comments by Nigel Ashton and Peter Bryant in last week's Mercury (page 17).

Firstly we are all very excited and grateful that the town council wishes to take over the running of our museum at its present location.

We were also excited at the prospect of all our North Somerset Councillors visiting the museum to see firsthand how wonderful it is - unfortunately only 19 out of 42 bothered to show up - many thanks to them and shame on those that didn't.

Moving on - Councillor Nigel Ashton says that handing over the responsibility of the Museum to the town council would not 'achieve anything'. What does the man mean? If it is such a burden for North Somerset Council to finance the museum and passing it on would instantly create a yearly saving of over �230,000. How can this not be achievement?

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Also he would not have to spend 100s of 1000s of pounds setting up this proposed 'facility' in the Winter Gardens that nobody even wants - another achievement! As his primary objective in closing the museum is to save money how can it not be an achievement to do exactly that? Please can he explain this to us?

Further down this article we become more confused. Peter Bryant tells The Friends of The Museum what a good idea it would be for all the schools in North Somerset to contribute a portion of their budget to help maintain the old museum as an education and training centre which is a great idea but then in the next breathe he says "The Winter Gardens Museum facility is still on the agenda." Why?

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Why don't these councillors listen to their electorate? We don't want to lose Clara's Cottage and the old museum and we must regenerate this shopping area of Orchard Meadows, keeping the museum open will help to do this.

Thank heavens the town council are listening and they understand our needs and wishes.

We also agree with the suggestion that the museum should be free with a donation box for visitors. Caf� and shop sales will then exceed entry charges as has been proven at the other museums. It should, of course, also be open on Sundays one of our busiest visitor days in Weston.

And finally here is further evidence of the attempt to kill our cherished museum, two weeks ago the opening hours were reduced and now we hear that the entry charge is going to be increased- unbelievable.

These decisions are complete madness but we sadly feel there is a wicked method in this madness.


Mums for the Museum

Nithsdale Road, Weston

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