Last time I trusted her off lead

AS A dog owner myself I can understand the upset that having to keep your dog on the lead can cause.

AS A dog owner myself I can understand the upset that having to keep your dog on the lead can cause. But I feel very strongly about keeping dogs on leads in public areas since becoming the proud owner of my three-year-old pooch.

Two years ago I would have agreed with Grove Park Gang but in the last year my beautiful dog has chased birds onto the main Bridgewater Road into Weston, narrowly missing a car. Needless to say I was left red faced and had an angry motorist shouting at me.

She has chased ducks into the path of a car only to be hit - the bang, the poor lady motorist panicking and the vet's bill, I will never forget. Luckily she wasn't that badly hurt and had a lucky escape, but it was the last time I trusted her to be let off her lead.

I then started realising that the only way to keep her safe and to avoid a serious accident was to be a responsible pet owner and lead her. After all if I lived in the city I would have to walk her on her lead. Since then she has been attacked by three staffs, a Jack Russell and a rottweiler all off their leads. I now believe and feel all dogs should be on a lead, not only to protect other people, children, motorists and other dogs, but to protect and take responsibility for my beloved pet.

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It's a shame the well behaved dogs have to be punished in such a way, but it could help safeguard a beloved pet from being attacked too, if all dogs had to be on leads.

I do feel for the park gang but I have read about many a dog that has been attacked in Grove Park - some even killed or having to be put to sleep because of a dog off a lead. These sad incidents could have been avoided had all dogs been on leads.

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I can only hope that this ban reaches other parks in Weston, not only to keep dogs under control but to make owners take responsibility for their dogs fouling too.


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