Letters to Editor, June 14, 2012


WHY is it that some cyclists believe they are above the law?

They ride through red lights, have no lights at night and worst of all prefer to ride on pavements.

Recently my wife was hit by a cyclist, riding hell for leather on the pavement.

Fortunately my wife was only bruised, although she did suffer some aftershock, but the cyclist landed on the ground and grazed his leg.

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My wife was leaving a friend’s house, through the front gate, and the cyclist came from nowhere.

He was in his early twenties and to give him his due he did apologise but if it had been a young child running through the gate serious injury could have occurred.

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This is not a blast at all cyclists because most take great care, but it is the idiots that give them a bad name.

The problem seems to be getting worse and surely something has to be done to sort the wheat from the chaff before we have a spate of serious injuries - or worse.


Clarence Grove Road, Weston


I THOUGHT I ought to reply to Mr Avis’ letter about the plans for a possible spaceport in the Bristol Channel, while fighting the temptation for either of us to make jokes about space cadets or anyone being on another planet….

Just to clarify, I’m a strong supporter of the high-tech manufacturing jobs which the aerospace industry has already created (it already employs 25,000 people in the UK and is growing fast), particularly when we’ve got so many people with the right skills already working for firms like Airbus or BAE in Filton and elsewhere.

So we’d be a natural place for them to build and grow, which would be great for Weston.

The plans for a spaceport in the Severn estuary are a good deal more speculative, as Mr Avis rightly says, but the rest is real and valuable too.

And, wearing my Tourism Minister hat for a second, Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has already presold 550 seats for space flights. So you never know!


MP for Weston

House of Commons, London

Public funds

IT’S surprising that R Burgess was still puzzled last week by the Tropicana situation, given the amount of reporting and correspondence there’s been over the past months.

A recent independent report to the council found that the current redevelopment plan was not economically feasible.

The developer, Derek Mead doesn’t have the money to take on the project himself and wants public funds to support him. As well as a direct �1million subsidy, such support will also involve an increase in council tax for everyone in the area.

I don’t know about R Burgess, but I don’t see why scant public resources should be diverted to benefit a private developer, whatever vague assurances there may be about the supposed ‘benefit to the community’.

My local primary school has barely enough money for essential maintenance, and many other important services for old folks and youngsters are being cut too.

If the Tropicana can’t be restored with private money, the project should be ended once and for all.


Walliscote Road, Weston

John Groves

FIRSTLY, I wish to express my thanks for printing my request regarding the whereabouts of my old friend John Groves, who I last saw in 1956.

I had an overwhelming response, only to be informed that John passed away nine years ago.

Would you kindly run an add-on thanking the kind people of Weston, who contacted me including his family: Leah Groves, his wife, Mark and David, his sons, Brenda Bennett, his sister, and many friends.

Everyone spoke highly of John, and he is sorely missed by his family, and a wide circle of friends.

Thank you Weston Mercury.


Tynewydd Green, Pontnewydd, Cwmbran

Very bad state

WE ARE disillusioned with our MP and most councillors, one exception is Councillor Robert Cleland who is very helpful.

On behalf of many disabled and blind voters I wrote to John Penrose and councillors regarding the very bad state of pavements in Worle High Street on the side of the war memorial and Pier Square, in regard to guiding blind people and pushing wheelchairs across roads in Pier Square and by the carrot.

I would love our MP to blindfold himself and be pushed in a wheelchair in these places and would ask all councillors to do this too.

If you are a fully sighted person whizzing around in your mobility scooter give consideration to people with white sticks.

Several of our young blind friends have been accosted by these scooters or told to move.

Thank God if you can see and walk, many cannot, much younger than most.

Mainly the buggy brigade is the most helpful to us and our friends and tell us they get this treatment too.

Most people are lovely, but the few impatient ones frighten blind and disabled people.

We have met Mr Penrose but never on the streets of Weston.

No doubt he will emerge at election time, but having written to him and Councillor Nigel Ashton regarding this matter and receiving no reply it is obvious we are not useful to them and not worth meeting to discuss these frightening daily issues for the blind and disabled.

Councillor Robert Cleland has mobility problems.

How do other blind and young/old wheelchair users feel about mobility and travel in places such as Worle High Street, Pier Square, and Big Lamp Corner and many more frightening crossings for the blind in Weston?


Kelston Gardens, Weston

WHAT a spectacular sight the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival is on the seafront with so many interesting eye-catching shapes dotted around.

I’m sure this ‘out of this world’ sand sculpture festival will be a great attraction for our visitors and families over the summer months.

I know it has been a great success over the years.

I would like to salute the sand artists who made it all possible from across the world.

Full marks to those who put the Queen Elizabeth II sculpture on the map of Weston which was a great draw for many visitors at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend.


Victoria Park, Weston

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