Letters to the Editor, August 4, 2011


THE bus stop on Locking Road by Chelswood Avenue has mysteriously moved 10 metres further towards Bristol.

I would love to hear why this has happened. As the shelter had only recently been put up and new lines painted then why waste more of our hard-earned taxes on such a pointless thing?

It was fine where it was but now is directly opposite the incoming bus stop towards town and means two sets of traffic have to be forced onto the ghost island. Having two streams of cars heading for each other seems to be rather dangerous. Perhaps the council has decided to have more accidents on main routes to help promote use of public transport?

It may seem like a ridiculous thing to complain about but a few feet of movement for the cost of several hundred pounds.

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Maybe those in the upper echelons of our town would like to use that money for more important things, like the Tropicana?


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Locking Road, Weston

Race track

I WOULD like to point out to the mindless idiots who seem to think Maysgreen Lane in Hewish is their own private race track that, just because it has been resurfaced to within an inch of its life, it is still a country lane.

The clue is in the Maysgreen ‘Lane’. This is not there as a rat run for commuters to speed past us as fast as possible. The courteous people slow down when passing people on the lane, and for that we thank you, the idiots do not.

If you are not sure where the brake is on your car, get someone to show you.

When you put your foot on it, your vehicle slows down, so that you do not run the risk of killing someone. It’s not rocket science.


Maysgreen Lane, Hewish

Fans Forum

I ATTENDED the recent Fans Forum at Weston Football Club.

It was a pleasure to hear the very positive remarks that the manager Craig Laird told the small gathering of loyal fans (mostly 50-plus) that had turned up on the day.

It is so good to be told that the club is ‘in the black’ and was building on last year’s achievement of winning the Somerset Premier Cup and finishing a creditable 12th in the Blue Square Conference South plus there are now three levels of youth team within the club.

The fans were also told that the club is now on Facebook and Twitter and that more than 250 fans had signed up to the club’s Facebook page.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the people who had signed up with these social networking sites could come to every home game with those of a certain age who do not use this medium and support the club at every home game (irrespective of the weather). Combined together there would be an average gate of over 400 - music to the chairman’s ears no doubt.

So come on Weston, young and old, get behind your local football team and turn up to the first game of the season on Saturday August 13 at 3pm when the opposition will be the top Kent team Dartford.


Mendip Avenue, Worle

Same councillors

I READ with great interest the report from Alex Ross with regard to the Oldmixon estate (Weston Mercury July 28).

In May I put myself forward as a prospective candidate for the local elections both as a North Somerset and town councillor to represent the Oldmixon ward. I canvassed the area several times and took note of not only the litter problem but also vandalism.

I spoke to local people including members of the residents’ association about the situation and said that if given the opportunity I would try my utmost to combat this problem.

The residents as a whole endorsed the people already representing Oldmixon at council level.

When I suggested that maybe a change of face and voice could perhaps make a difference I was told no, the best people were in power already and therefore no need for change.

My point is this - the residents of Oldmixon have only themselves to blame for the re-election of the same councillors, who it seems, are still not carrying out the duties of looking after the Oldmixon area, as voiced by the residents themselves.


Manor Farm Crescent, Weston

Direct bus route

WHY is there no direct bus route to Taunton from Weston?

I appreciate that there is a good motorway link and that it is only three stations down the line by train, but in the many years I have lived in Weston you cannot catch a bus to what used to be our county town.

Weston is halfway between Bristol and Taunton and yet there is a half hourly X1 bus service to Bristol, even though there are also good motorway and train links.

The only way you can travel by bus to Taunton is by taking the 112 bus to Burnham, which goes the roundabout route via Brean and Berrow, and then change to the service that runs from Burnham to Taunton via Bridgwater.

I can understand that years ago, when Bristol was served by the Bristol Omnibus Company and Taunton by Western National there could have been problems. However First Bus run most of the services in the area and yet they still feel there is no need for a direct link.

First is not the only company because Webberbus has connections with Weston and Taunton and is based in Bridgwater and perhaps it could consider supplying a regular service even if it was only hourly.

Perhaps the Taunton to Burnham buses could extend their route to Weston or is this too much to ask?


Clarence Grove Road, Weston


I write in total agreement with the letter from Mr Day in this week’s Mercury regarding excessive speeding on the A371 at Locking.

The entrance from Locking Grove onto the A371 seems to be getting increasingly hazardous and it may be only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

I personally have witnessed an increase in the speed of vehicles on this road especially 4x4s and vans (not all white) when I have been joining the A371 from Locking Village.

With the imminent construction of the Leisuredome it would seem the time is right to consider road safety measures in advance of the heavy construction traffic.

It would seem however that North Somerset is not at all sympathetic to any reduction in speed limits.

I would therefore urge the residents of Locking Grove in particular and Locking in general to start lobbying their local councillors to implement safety measures.


Beechwood Avenue, Locking


YES it’s that time of the year again, what to do with the kids for six weeks.

Well here’s an activity that will keep them amused for hours and for free!

You will need - a ball of string, a piece of chalk and a sat nav for each child (sat nav optional, a good pair of lungs will suffice).

Having just emerged from Locking Castle housing estate after one hour’s fruitless driving, trying to take a short cut from Worle to the dual carriageway - I was back where I started.

I thought there’s got to be an easier way, especially as I had seen the same lady and her dog three times in different locations.

Why not send in the kids? Step 1 - tie one end of the string to the child and the other end to Morrison’s supermarket. Step 2 - send in your little darlings to draw a line on the ground with coloured chalk. Step 3 - get the council to follow, colour coding the pavements to form a route out!

Any 10-year-old will probably make it out, while texting on the mobile phone, doing tricks on the skateboard and emailing on their iPod simultaneously.

As for me please send in the SAS, a food parcel, some strong medication and inform the AA.

All I wanted to do was go to the tip with my rubbish.


Appletree Court, Worle


HOW dare the council even consider taking our beautiful flower beds away in Grove Park.

The beds, tubs and baskets look absolutely beautiful. Everywhere one looks it’s just colourful and lovely, and gives so much pleasure to so many people.

Why are the council trying to deprive Weston of so many things?

If they want cuts let them cut their own expenses and leave our beautiful flowers alone.

Thank you to all those people involved in making the town and other places look so fantastic to give people such a colourful display everywhere you look. Well done to you all.


Constable Drive, Worle


GROVE Park with its vibrant flower beds and glorious hanging baskets is a treasure to be proud of.

No-one could disagree that it gladdens the heart and provides a much needed attraction for visitors.

It is bewildering therefore to read on your front page that the award-winning gardens may suffer from budget cuts.

There are many calls to preserve services and resources in our town and I am realistic enough to realise they will not all remain untouched. However, if ever there was a false economy it is this.

Weston is a holiday resort – an undeniable fact – if we wish it to remain so we have to be prepared to invest for growth – literally.


Florence Grove, Weston


I AM absolutely disgusted with the Tory-run North Somerset Council considering cutting the funding to Weston’s Grove Park and suggesting that the glorious flower beds and other facilities should be destroyed.

Yet again they show that they only have short-term solutions to the deficit problem and have clearly not considered what long-term effects their proposals will have on tourism, Westonians and businesses in Weston.

They are making these statements in the hope that the budget needed to sustain and develop this wonderful amenity will be taken over by those concerned about such a loss.

Can I suggest an immediate loss that would contribute to the funding needed for the upkeep of Grove Park?

I propose that councillors who are in receipt of large salaries; expenses and pensions willingly accept a percentage loss to these incomes in order to contribute to the funding necessary to sustain Grove Park in its present beautiful condition?

I am not making this suggestion on purely political lines but as I am now a town councillor for Wyvern ward following the May local elections I am delighted to be able to fight the corner of the voters.

I want to make the point that town councillors do not receive a penny in salaries, expenses or pensions. In effect they have to pay to be a town councillor through the costs of petrol and parking, etc, to attend meetings in Grove House on a regular basis.

I, and the other 30 town councillors of various political persuasions, were fully aware of this when we stood for election in May and if nothing else it at least shows our total commitment to the people of Weston.

Unfortunately this cannot be said for all the North Somerset councillors.

The first thing the Tory administration did when they took office in May was to increase their pension contributions using taxpayer’s money – Labour councillors were outvoted when they rejected this proposal.

Likewise they have squandered �9.7m on an unnecessary redecoration of the Town Hall which could have been left until better times.

Unfortunately I have no confidence that the Tory-run North Somerset Council will consider my request and am certain that I will probably be totally ignored.


Labour representative for Wyvern Ward, Weston Town Council

South Lawn, Locking


WHAT an outrage it was to read on the front page of last week’s Weston Mercury how Weston’s lovely award-winning Grove Park, rated the best in the South West in 2008 and many beautifully eye-catching floral displays dotted around the town scrapped after North Somerset Council announced devastating cuts.

I’m sure many thousands of residents and visitors, who visit our beautiful parks, hearing this sad news, will be up in arms.

Weston’s Grove Park, with its lovely colourful flower beds that have been lovingly cared for by the council, the hanging baskets, troughs and flower beds, has made our resort of Weston a beautiful place that everyone is proud of.

Weston’s Grove and Clarence Parks are a delightful retreat for our residents and visitors with flower beds a feast of colour.

Let’s hope with the support of Councillor Terry Porter, who is currently reviewing the council maintained displays around the district, and with the help of local residents, community groups and businesses, they will throw their weight behind by doing all they can by helping with the flower beds, baskets and tubs either by sponsoring them or taking over their management.


Victoria Park, Weston


LAST week’s paper featured a letter from respected local historian, Brian Austin, which suggested that councillors may have lied about moving the central library to a bigger and better site, because he had heard otherwise from elsewhere.

I only wish Mr Austin had bothered to contact the council for the facts before putting pen to paper.

As I have stated previously, the new library within the remodelled Town Hall will indeed be considerably bigger than the current space in the Boulevard. There will be 45 per cent more shelving in the Local Studies area, 20 per cent more in Adults, 20 per cent more in Children’s plus 50 per cent more kinder boxes. The Young Adults area will also increase by 50 per cent and there will be a total of 31 computers available for public use.

The overall floor space available for the library will also increase considerably and is likely to be over 40 per cent larger than at the existing building.

We are currently in the process of drafting proposal layout plans for the new space, and as soon as they are available we will put them on display in the current library and make them available online for people to view.


Executive Member for Asset Management

North Somerset Council, Town Hall, Weston


FURTHER to recent correspondence about the resignation of Dr Frank Booth, consultant haematologist and the dilemma faced by staff and patients of the oncology/haematology department.

Dr Booth was an experienced and talented doctor who also showed kindness and understanding to his patients. Conversation in the waiting room of his crowded clinics was often an exchange of tales about his skill and successes.

I know this because my husband has had leukaemia three times since 2005 and was fortunate enough to be cared for medically by Dr Booth, ably assisted by his excellent nurse practitioner Gwenda Morgan.

In Dr Booth’s letter to your newspaper, dated June 23, 2011, one paragraph about the ‘threat to patient care’ has particular personal poignance.

My husband had been well for almost two years when Dr Booth left and was replaced by a young locum from abroad on a six month contact. The first time this doctor saw my husband he declared all was well but three months later he decided that he should have started chemotherapy after that earlier appointment. He also told us, as he did at each following meeting that he was worrying abut his wife and ill daughter back home, which we agreed was very sad.

Before chemotherapy could begin, he ordered a blood transfusion. As the third bag of blood was being infused, the doctor appeared in an agitated manner, saying the transfusion must be stopped as he had not ordered the correct blood. There followed six weekly visits to the hospital to check that blood the blood had not harmed my husband, a delay which was to have repercussions.

After three months of chemotherapy, the doctor assuring us that the tumours were reducing, my husband became very ill. By now the doctor had come to the end of his contract and left the hospital. In great pain my husband was admitted to hospital to an A & E doctor. He was treated for a tumour in his bowel and released on May 20. The pain did not ease and on June 16 was again admitted and has an ileostomy operation as his bowel was completely blocked by the tumour. The chemotherapy he had been receiving had not reduced the tumours at all and it was discovered that this time, the cancer was a different and more aggressive type. By now, Dr Phil Dobson and Dr Anna Morris had been appointed (Dr Morris on a short term locum basis) and together with Gwenda Morgan, they took over treatment of my husband who was released from hospital after four weeks. Four days later he was readmitted with a sever infection and finally came home on July 29 to recuperate before chemotherapy could begin again. He is being seen and treated twice weekly for a while as he needs blood transfusions and drugs to build him up. The care he has received from the aforementioned doctors and the nursing staff on Hutton and Harptree West wards has been wonderful. There is a long road ahead but we are much more hopeful of a good outcome now. Sadly, Dr Morris whose tenacity in searching for the correct treatment was so impressive, has now come to the end of her locum contract and left the hospital, once again leaving the department, with an extremely heavy patient list, under staffed.

The misdiagnosis of my husband’s condition has cost the NHS a great deal of money and him a great deal of suffering which need not have happened if Dr Booth had been allowed to reduce the overtime hours that he was having to work.

It seems wrong that personal feelings and personalities should be considered more important by some of the management than the welfare of patients. We feel saddened by the treatment of Dr Booth, a most gifted doctor who was held in high esteem by his patients and was an asset to the hospital. Dr Phil Dobson is an exceptional and skilled doctor with a very pleasant and upbeat manner and Gwenda Morgan is a very necessary and gifted member of the medical team but there is still a consultant vacancy.

The management team at the hospital are not all seen by patients, but from first hand experience and through conversations with other patients we know that Weston Hospital is a wonderful asset to our town. The medical and nursing staff are skilled, kind and forward thinking and we are indeed fortunate that they are there for us all.

Our experience has been frightening and shocking, not least because it came about through a situation dictated by some members of the hospital trust. We hope that the less than ideal results of Dr Booth’s situation have been noted and that future decisions will be made with open discussions between clinical managers and trust managers.


St David’s Close, Worlebury

I WRITE with dismay that the council has decided that the Play Forum must come to an end.

Yesterday, I attended this event in Clarence Park (pictured) and was surprised at how many families there were to enjoy the activities on offer.

Not only does it give the children time to socialise, learn new skills and exercise (something which the Government encourages children to do instead of sitting around on computer games), it gives parents the time to relax, enjoy time with their children, catch up with old friends and make new ones.

The event is free which in the summer holidays is also an added bonus

I am sure that I am not the only person who would urge the council to reconsider their shocking decision to end this well-supported, well-loved activity.

The people that organise and run the Play Forum are truly amazing and they will be sadly missed.


Whittington Drive, Weston

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