Letters to the editor, December 27, 2012


SOON our NHS will change out of all recognition for patients, when the new Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) become operational.

It is imperative that the services we now enjoy are preserved within the overall ethos of the NHS, and that privatisation of services, for example, will be kept to a minimum.

38 Degrees has drawn up amendments to the constitutions of CCGs which, if adopted, will safeguard our NHS.

There’s a large 38 Degrees petition showing that local people want their NHS protected, which I have signed.

You may also want to watch:

The CCGs in our local area should listen to the concerns raised by ordinary people who do not want their NHS privatised.

Ask your GP today whether he/she is aware of the 38 Degrees amendments and encourage him/her to adopt them.

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Rectory Way, Lympsham

Free parking

JUST two observations. Last Saturday I called into Llanelli, South Wales, and drove into the town centre multi-storey car park over the shopping precinct and market.

I went to put money in the meter but you don’t pay on Saturdays. All Saturdays are four hours free parking. Why? To get people into town and the precinct to do their shopping.

I also had to drive from Plymouth to Totnes via the A and B roads – no houses in sight but they were clearing the drains.

In the 30 odd years I’ve lived in Weston I’ve never seen the drains being suction cleaned.

I’m sure I’m going to be told that it’s done on a regular basis so there is still a chance I might see one.


George Street, Weston


SOME motorists moan about paying to park, but some have been abusing the waiting time limits for years. Some cannot park in a parking bay without being five to six feet from the end of the bay, others use two bays for one car.

But the worst thing, which is so prevalent, is the number of drivers ignoring red traffic lights everywhere you go in the town.

The Mercury’s front page headline, after the fatal accident, was putting the blame on the roads but if the people using the roads were more careful things would be much better.


Methwyn Close, Weston

Still good people

I WOULD like to thank Chris and his family who came to my rescue when I fell.

I was walking home from work in Preanes Green, Worle, after getting off the bus on Monday, December 10, at about 2.50pm.

Somehow I tripped and hit my face on the pavement. Chris stopped his car. He phoned for the ambulance and phoned my husband.

He and his family sat me in their car with lots of tissues to stem the blood until the paramedic arrived.

Also thank you to the paramedic, Neil, for looking after me and getting me to hospital. Thankfully there were no broken bones just a nasty gash on my nose and a few grazes.

There are still good people in this world willing to go out of their way for a stranger. I did thank them at the time but in these situations you never get their contact details to thank them properly.

Once again thank you so much and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.


Rowan Place, Locking

Try to stop bugs

WITH all the news reports regarding norovirus shutting wards and causing problems all over the UK, it would be good for NHS management to realise that staff coming into work on buses and in their own cars are wearing the uniform they will be working in on duty.

Where is the hygiene? If the staff don’t try to stop bugs being transferred who will?


Methwyn Close, Weston

Quite safely

I KNOW we have a few things to moan about here in Weston, but credit where it is due.

I think the men working on the water mains are doing a super job.

They start well on time in the mornings and work right through until it is dark.

The barriers are all put in place so we can still walk quite safely without going out into the road and the best thing of all, is how they wash it all down, and sweep up at the end of the day so it’s left as clean as possible.

So I say, well done to you all – no grumbles from me especially as I have decent water pressure at last. Thank you.


Little George Street, Weston

Thank you

ON BEHALF of the hospice we would like to thank everyone who supported Blagdon and Wrington Weston Hospicecare Support Group’s late night shopping event on December 6.

We would particularly like to thank all the shopkeepers: Body & Soul; Cobbler’s Collectables; Fanny’s; Heads Up; Mendip Farm Butchers; The Stores; The Baptist Church (creating a quiet place for reflection) and especially the Blagdon Guides for their carol singing.

In spite of the poor weather, we collected �257. Thank you all for your support.


Weston Hospicecare

Jackson-Barstow House, Thornbury Road, Uphill


WEEK after week I read letters of complaint (of which I do my share) in the Mercury.

Letters of criticism about our local councillors, (again I take the opportunity to join in from time to time), but I seldom read any of praise.

With the beginning of a new year rapidly approaching I would like to say well done to Avon and Somerset constabulary for a very successful year regarding drug raids and closures.

I think most of us in the public domain have next to no idea of the stress you must be under at times or of the dreadful sights you encounter and probably have to deal with.

The reports charting your success have been continual throughout the year and long may they continue to be so. So once again I say very well done and thank you one and all.


Baker Street, Weston

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