Letters to the Editor, December 19, 2013


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MR CULLUM kindly reminded me last week that local residents had been able to park near their homes in town centre residential roads for the last seven or eight years as neither the council nor police took any action to stop them using designated parking bays.

One would have thought that when the new scheme was implemented a proper contributory residents’ system would have been incorporated to take note of this. The wastefulness of the present system has been highlighted by the under-utilisation of the parking bays in the streets in question.

Is he aware that Hopkins Street and part of Alma Street had unrestricted parking until the council’s bodge-up was introduced?

I know personally of one ex-owner in Hopkins Street who lost a substantial amount of money on selling his house as residents can no longer park nearby. There are two nurses on shift work in these areas whose hours do not fit neatly into the allowed hours. Are they to get out of bed every two hours to move their cars around when on nights? Perhaps they should walk nearly half a mile to their cars in Locking Road car park, often in the dark and bad weather.

I and other residents merely want to be given some consideration. Why won’t the council give us a chance to pay a reasonable sum to park nearby?

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I wonder how Mr Cullum would feel if suddenly his ability to park near home was removed? How would he feel if elderly and family visitors could only stay nearby for two hours?


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Palmer Row, Weston

I WRITE to clarify a couple of queries Banwell Parish Council has had since last week’s front page story.

People are assuming, from the word ‘graves’, that these are people buried in coffins, when the area affected only contains cremated ashes. We have had a number of calls from people worried about graves, which we have had to deal with.

People also wrongly have the impression that the whole cemetery will be shut, and that remains will have to be exhumed.

The position at the moment is that no graves are affected. Only a small part of the cemetery will have to be cordoned off, and there are no plans to exhume any remains at present.


Clerk of Banwell Parish Council

Westfield Road, Banwell

MAY I pay a hearty and well deserved tribute to North Somerset Council for the excellent resurfacing of Furland Road, a narrow Victorian cul-de-sac pitted with more potholes than the surface of the moon.

A preliminary letter had been sent to every household in the road, detailing verbally and pictorially three different options in the proposed redesigning of the road. Occupants were invited to choose whichever version they approved, and the one receiving the greatest number of votes would be implemented.

This democratic process cost the council nothing in the way of postage or prepaid envelopes to contain the replies, since a resident, a council employee in a different department, had volunteered to deliver the letters by hand and to co-ordinate the responses. Of about 40 households, 19 expressed a choice, and the road layout eventually employed was that preferred by nine replies.

The work was carried out with the minimum of road closure and inconvenience and the workmen were pleasant and helpful. The road has been transformed and visitors all remark how posh it now looks and how excellent its surface is.

There appears to be general satisfaction and admiration of the work devised and carried out by Paul Glen, a senior engineer in North Somerset Council’s highways department. Other council departments might do well to study the way he has gone about the whole successful operation.


Furland Road, Weston

I WRITE in response to last week’s Weston Mercury Opinion page and the minority criticism of the RNLI’s units being located adjacent to the Marine Lake, ideally situated close to the town’s main boating slipway.

Surely any life saving organisation should be prioritised when considering planning or location?

When one life is saved, will this not more than justify any small amendment to the two miles of seafront vista?


Marlborough Drive, Worle

A CLASSIC case of staff knowing best but someone believing they know it all but in fact know very little, has emerged at Weston General Hospital.

That bright spark is putting cancer patients’ lives at risk and jeopardising the outstanding care of nursing staff, doctors and consultants both at Weston and the BRI.

The decision to refer outpatient cancer patients to the Quantock general waiting area before review by consultants instead of the usual germ free safety of the Weston oncology department, amounts to utter lunacy.

This bright spark obviously has no knowledge of how immune systems are affected by treatment and the cause of major side effects from just cancer treatment. My wife should know she has been in hospital four times this year.

To place such patients into crowded general waiting areas is totally inexcusable given the very fact they have a low immune system.

I have requested a written assurance from the hospital that if this potentially dangerous situation is not resolved quickly, my wife will not be attending her next review in January.

Staff I understand have voiced their objections. Now the hospital should listen to them – they know best.


Mead Vale, Worle

Editor’s note: Weston Area Health NHS Trust has confirmed it is reviewing its practice, which has only been in place since the start of December.

I AM writing this to whoever ran over my little cat on Monday lunch time and callously left him in the road to die.

I am heartbroken.

I only hope your Christmas is going to be as miserable as mine will be.


Bristol Road Lower, Weston

DESPITE the council’s sensible request for residents to put out their recycling bins on the relevant day, a minority of inconsiderate people still seem to find a spurious reason to put them out early in the afternoon the day before.

Obviously the logic behind the request is beyond their comprehension. A possibility that there might be some truth in Boris Johnson’s recent controversial statement?


Mayfield Avenue, Weston

WE ALL think we understand our statutory rights when making purchases - or do we?

My wife purchased a clothing item from two shops in Weston and had to return them because they were not suitable.

One shop returned her money immediately, whereas the other refused a refund and only offered a credit note or voucher.

Both items were in the same condition as when they left the shops but the reactions were so different.

My wife also purchases items from the TV shopping channels where you can also return them for refunds.

Shopping on the internet is taking so much business away from the high street you would have thought that retailers would bend over backwards to keep business.

The moral of this story is simple - always make sure when you buy something, especially clothes, that you can, if necessary, claim a refund if the product is not completely satisfactory. After all you may not want to enter that store again so vouchers are not the answer.


Clarence Grove Road, Weston

FOLLOWING a ‘medical emergency’ I recently spent 10 days as a patient on Hutton Ward of Weston General Hospital.

This was from the onset of the emergency where my husband and I received top quality assistance and care from the staff manning the 111 phone line, to the attending ambulance staff.

On arriving at Weston, I was admitted into the A&E department with just a five minute wait whilst they sorted out a cubicle, then the level of care was fantastic. During my stay on Hutton Ward, I received the highest level of nursing care from all the members of the medical teams; as well as an unprecedented high level of care and support from all the other members of the hospital staff, who are just too numerous to mention.

Despite what issues were going on and the difficulties that the team were facing, they always managed to find time to check on and talk with the patients.

In visiting various countries, I cannot praise highly enough our NHS system, and especially everyone who works at Weston Hospital.

Please, stop knocking our NHS workers, they are doing an amazing job and get very little thanks for it.


Valley Road, Clevedon

I WOULD like to thank the three knights and lady who rescued me when I got stuck on the top corner of Monks Hill because of wet leaves.

They just took over – one driving, the van driver towing and one stopping traffic. The lovely young lady took me to sit in her car to wait. Two then drove me and my car to my daughter, so a very big thank you to you all.


Crookes Lane, Weston

IF YOU’RE feeling lonely, you’re not alone. Independent Age is here to help.

With the festive season upon us, it’s time to start buying presents for friends and family, decorate the tree, and plan that all important Christmas Day with your loved ones. But in the excitement, it’s all too easy to forget those older people who will be home alone this Christmas.

Independent Age is a growing charity which empowers older people through the A B C of advice, befriending and campaigning. Supported by our invaluable network of around 1,500 volunteers we are able to provide face-to-face befriending to those who would like it.

If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of someone visiting your home, we also offer friendship on the telephone, or you may like to join one of our telephone discussion groups.

We are currently trying to extend our help to people living in and around Weston and Worle, so if you or someone you know could use a friendly face, or a listening ear, then get in touch. For more information please contact Sarah Richardson, area manager on 01454 419271 or email sarah.richardson@independentage.org


Thornbury, Bristol

I WAS surprised to see my picture in last week’s Pictures Past in the Mercury.

We were in 290 Squadron of the ATC and I wonder how many of us in that picture still live locally.

I moved away in 1965 whilst in the Army and returned in 2010.


South Road, Weston

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