Letters to the Editor, January 2, 2014

WE ALL know that the RNLI does a fantastic job when it is called out and it is well loved and well supported by the people of Weston.

But is it not somewhat taking advantage of its revered image to suddenly expect to place two (so far) huge industrial containers bang in the centre of Knightstone Island’s frontage after several millions of pounds of taxpayers money has recently been spent enhancing our beautiful seafront.

Does our planning department really intend to approve such a development?

Painted, or not, they are an eyesore and when they demand fresh water, drainage and electricity supplies be connected are we then going to dig up the block paved area and then probably fill in the trenches with black asphalt as has been done elsewhere in the town?

The RNLI has known for a long time that its position on Birnbeck Pier was becoming untenable and in its bid to raise £300,000 in order to move it obviously had not given a thought as to where it was going to move to.

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May I suggest that a portion of the Tropicana site might be much more suitable as it has to launch from a tractor unit anyway and this would give a kick-start to the Tropicana development as well.


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Paragon Road, Weston

I WAS very interested in the letter the mercury printed from John Tate regarding bus lanes.

I would like to add that as long as I can remember there was a big layby in the centre of Congresbury for the buses to pull into, then for some unknown reason this was filled in and now the buses going to Bristol have to stop in the middle of the road holding all the traffic up.

Then as Mr Tate states they put the bus lane in on the main road past the new Tesco Express which I agree is making it a very dangerous road.

Now there is a new bus stop on a blind bend on Brinsea Road, near the Plough Inn. I hope I am proved wrong but I think the siting of this bus stop is an accident waiting to happen. The road is the only road the big lorries can use so there is a constant stream of them all day long. I cannot see why this bus stop could not have been put 20 yards down the road in the lay-by.


Chestnut Close, Congresbury

A FRIEND of mine who lives in Swiss Road, Weston, had arranged for a decorative potted red cyclamen to be delivered to her, to present to me at a Christmas luncheon. Unfortunately she was admitted to hospital the evening before it arrived so she was not home, but the florist delivering it did not know that and left it on the doorstep.

I sincerely hope the low life who then stole it had a thoroughly miserable Christmas.

If you received a beautiful red cyclamen in a basket as an unexpected present from someone who wouldn’t normally think of buying such a gift - well, perhaps they didn’t.


West Garston, Banwell

FULL marks to the Weston Mercury on last week’s 16-page colourful nativity supplement, and your photographers who have been out busy snapping away all over Somerset to capture the happy smiling faces of young Marys and Josephs making their acting debuts in their nativities this Christmas.

There are some who view the performance of the nativity in schools as outdated. In some communities it might even be viewed as offensive. Why should we impose a very particular Christian tradition on children from different backgrounds and religions? On the other hand, why should we as a nominally Christian nation renounce what is not just a key part of the religious values of some, but also an essential part of the culture of many in the UK? Which brings us back to the nativity. We should do them, but we should be broadminded enough to participate in other celebrations too.

We have nothing to be ashamed of in celebrating the birth and life and Jesus Christ but equally, we have nothing to fear from the very ancient and meaningful things that those of other faiths celebrate too. After all, the wise men who brought gifts were not fully paid up Anglicans nor were they card-carrying Jews. They just respected and celebrated something mystical and wonderful just like all those young angels in Weston’s nativity supplement and I bet all those parents who watched their youngsters treading the boards in the nativity play were very proud and we should all be.


Victoria Park, Weston

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