Letters to the Editor, January 24, 2014


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THE front page story about the dentist with poor hygiene standards was very worrying.

As instruments used by doctors and dentist which are not properly sterilised can transmit a wide range of infections including hepatitis and HIV surely anyone described as a continuing risk to patients should not be allowed to continue working as a dentist.


Constable Drive, Worle

REGARDING the ‘racist’ password sent to a Weston resident, I would like to know how long the colour charcoal and shade have been racist words?

You may also want to watch:

These were apparently words randomly generated. Even if they had not been, the words were not used in a racist manner directed at a person’s colour or ethnicity.

I respect the lady’s right to her opinion and if she found it highly offensive then so be it.

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How on earth can this country ever be successfully racially integrated if people are so quick to play the racist card at every opportunity. What message is this sending to our young people.

I don’t understand why it was necessary for the NHS to apologise. What are they apologising for? I suggest that they remove all colours from their system, in fact all adjectives and nouns, as, if I get a password with words such as white, pink, brown, especially coupled with other words such as snowflake, elephant or bread, I will be deeply offended.

Why the Weston Mercury found it important enough to put on the front page is beyond me.

Had this been a blatant case of racism, then I would be giving my support to this lady and thanking the NHS for a speedy suitable response, and applauding the Mercury for good journalism, but as it is, I think the whole thing is a joke.


Brooklands Road, Weston

WITH reference to the letter about flights from the Helicopter Museum it would seem, by the way the writer puts it, it is ok for the helicopters to crash on anyone near Bristol Airport but not Weston.

Using the same attitude they better stop flights from Bristol Airport as airplanes are still crashing all over the world and they fly over Weston every day.


Laburnum Road, Worle

I READ in the Mercury, January 16, about fee increases for HMOs and I quote:

“The council says the scheme will ‘raise standards’ and help cut down on antisocial behaviour as well as clamp down on landlords who fail to properly maintain properties”

What better way to do this than to encourage owner occupiers? The more the better. If a realistic residential parking permit scheme were to be introduced it may attract a more responsible resident to replace those that have already left, will leave or have sadly died.

The roads are empty enough and the parking meters do not seem to be attracting many shoppers to the town with so many closed down shops.

Where are these supposed ongoing discussions over parking charges that Mr Ap Rees keeps harping on about?

Is it not time the council thought of locals for a change instead of another money-making scam to make up for wasted funds like paying for a consultant to state the obvious - which leads me to question what is the newly appointed chief executive bringing to the table then with a supposed £150,000 a year plus benefits package? Sandwiches?


Hopkins Street, Weston

I AM a local 81-year-old pensioner and members’ trustee of the BME Network, and other volunteer organisations which regularly involves the use of my car in executing my duties.

It beggars belief that having paid £200 for use of my vehicle on the road annually, I am required to pay parking fees in our local communities.

These increased fees are very damaging to everyone, not just the motorists, but also pensioners through social isolation, local businesses and inconveniences to the Town Hall and hospital trust.

Is it not the time to stand up against these rather extortionate measures that are so damaging to our community?


Osborne Road, Weston

I WAS pleased to see that Councillor Roz Willis is saying that NHS England should do something about the now empty walk-in centre and surgery in the Boulevard.

With the two full time surgeries, Longton Grove and New Court (in the Boulevard) also having gone a mile away up Locking Road, town centre residents are again getting a raw deal.

Daytime visits to the new location mean one or two buses, taxi or perhaps walk half a mile to pick up one’s car (remember no residents parking).

There are of course two alternatives. One is only available to Councillor Ap Rees – a helicopter. The other is to walk. We already get wet fetching our cars. Why not get really wet walking to the doctors, at least it is a good place to get treated for catching pneumonia.


Palmer Row, Weston

MY HUSBAND and I came to visit friends in Weston to celebrate

the new year, and I feel I must comment on the shocking amount of

rubbish in the streets.

I noticed that your council uses the recycling boxes, which just don’t work. A breezy day, of which there are many, means that rubbish is strewn around the streets, and peoples gardens, which is unacceptable; and the recycling workers don’t bother to pick any of it up, nor do half the residents. Had we been first time visitors to Weston, I think this would have been our last.


Deerfold Crescent, Burntwood, Staffs

A RECENT North Somerset Times article gave details of the possibility of a planning application being submitted in the coming weeks with a request to build 150 houses on a 10 hectare site, off Arnold’s Way, outside of the Yatton settlement boundary.

However, it was interesting to note that it was stated in the article that the developers admit that its plans for the site, “may not prove popular with villagers”.

In 2005 the local community beat officer wrote to the parish council expressing his concern with regard to the traffic on Yatton High Street “its speed, volume and vehicle size”.

Not much has changed since then, especially with regard to the volume of traffic.

A few months ago it was possible for ‘Speedwatch’ to record on more than one occasion (between the hours of 8 and 9am) more than 800 vehicles passing in the High Street. Would it make sense to allow some of the additional vehicles from another 150 houses to add to the problem?

There would obviously be other problems associated with the assimilation of the residents of 150 houses into the village, with very few (if any) spare places available in the local schools, and the possibility of too many additional patients for the Yatton and Congresbury medical practice.


Chescombe Road, Yatton

I WRITE in praise of our local Odeon – the seats might not be the most comfortable – but what a welcome from the staff

They are all young personable people. Full marks to the manager, the ethos must come from the top.

I look forward to my next visit to the cinema, just hope there are more than six other patrons.

It certainly is not due to poor customer service.


Victoria Quadrant, Weston

We are two ex-Weston Grammar School girls and are looking for a copy of the school magazine, Phoenix, dated 1961.

Is there anyone out there, please, who has a copy which they would be willing to part with or which we could purchase or borrow and copy?

Please girls, could you search your archives for us?

Thank you.

Chris on 01749 673229 and Jean on 01934 521829


Plover Close, Worle

IT IS often daunting visiting the doctors’ surgery but it is good to relax and read magazines whilst waiting for the doctor’s call.

Well at least it was until many surgeries have banned magazines for health and safety


Whilst you can catch diseases from other patients’ coughs and sneezes it appears that

thumbing through used magazines holds a far greater risk.

Of course there are still many medical leaflets to read, but most of them put the fear of God into me and help raise my blood pressure.

After more than 70 years of never catching the black plague from reading other people’s magazines I would gladly risk it rather than just sit contemplating my navel, health and safety is just going crazy.


Clarence Grove Road, Weston

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