Letters to the Editor, January 14, 2016

Mail falling from letterbox onto doormat (Digitally Enhanced)

Mail falling from letterbox onto doormat (Digitally Enhanced) - Credit: Getty Images

I wonder if I could beg a small space in your paper to be able to pass on my thanks to a very kind gentleman who rescued me and my daughter when our car decided that the north bound slip road at Clevedon was a brilliant place to stop and sightsee.

This happened on January 5 at teatime and thankfully the man who was driving a roadside recovery van that drove past us, went all the way round the roundabout and came back to offer us assistance. With his help we managed to get the car to a safe place while waiting for further help.

Thank you for the kindness you showed us.


Shrubbery Road, Weston

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I recently read that Sedgemoor Council has turned down a planning application for a solar farm. They decided that it would adversely impact the beauty of the area, which is what holidaymakers come to the area for.

Good for them. What a pity North Somerset Council doesn’t hold the same views about this area. They obviously won’t be happy until every available blade of grass in the area is covered by solar panels.

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As has been commented on, on many previous occasions, our esteemed planners really don’t want Weston to attract holidaymakers. All they want to do is blight the area at every turn. Build as many houses as possible on flood plains and in totally unsuitable villages, pass applications for as many solar farms as possible and now - god forbid - seven licences have been issued to search for gas in a huge swathe from Clevedon to the edge of Exmoor.

Although these licences have been issued by the Government, I have no doubt that no objections will be raised by our wonderful representatives.

Why don’t we just put wind turbines along the seafront, a gas drilling rig in the middle of the Tropicana and solar panels all along the coast? Then the powers that be would have totally trashed Weston and surrounds. Perhaps that would satisfy them then they could all retire to their properties that are nowhere near Weston, safe in the knowledge that if you can’t see it, it probably isn’t happening.


Maysgreen Lane, Hewish

Re: lady leaving car and on return found damage with no note. This is happening a lot now with people with no insurance as it is cheaper to pay the fine, as it is a lot cheaper than the insurance. Police say it is serious etc, but as I see on reality television police programmes, police will take the car but it is easily retrieved (still cheaper than the insurance).

They are always very polite and have a joke with the perpetrator. However if you are hit by these people without insurance you will not receive any money as it becomes a civil matter, which means you will have to take the person to court (if you can afford to) and even then they (the perpetrator) can still refuse to pay. Saying they have no money.

My car was hit by a car driven by a person visiting someone close by and they did not stop despite there being a witness. The police asked the neighbour who the person driving the car was; she said she was not a grass. I said to the police surely she is complicit as she knows who was driving? The police said to me that they could not make her tell them so I am left with a bill of £500.

I was very angry but as long as the police tick boxes they have no interest in protecting property.


Dunster Crescent, Weston

My ten wishes for 2016.

The Tropicana becomes a pool with a roof whatever happens at Hutton Moor.

The beach huts are moved on to the beach, where they belong, somewhere near the sand dunes on Uphill beach.

The Grand Pier stops charging for entry. I know many who have not set foot on the pier since the fees were introduced.

More actions than words to save Birnbeck Pier from falling into the sea.

Bus drivers refusing to drive through Pier Square before a fatal accident occurs.

A Blackpool-style tram system between Royal Sands and Birnbeck Pier. Any ideas Crosville?

A park and ride site at Hewish to ease the parking in the town and by the beach.

A welcome to Weston sign fixed to the wall on the roundabout by Morrisons.

Retailers wanting sites in the new Dolphin Square project, maybe a Primark or Debenhams.

More shelters at bus stops and a new bus and coach station on Beach Lawns.

Weston is a great place to live, all we need is a little more vision.


Clarence Grove Road, Weston

Starting off at the roots of our democratic political system, parish elections, it was noted at the May 2015 elections the number had been reduced by 18 to 61 parishes without any dissent, however there was only 18 election all but one in the main towns. The problem is that for the 41 villages there were only 234 candidates for the 309 seats available! The solution is to reduce the number of seats, so as elections are required. To achieve this large village’s of 2,000 to 3,999 electors should be allowed only eight seats, whereas 1,000 to 1,999 six seats, 600 to 999 five seats and all those below 599 four seats.

This may also overcome the present cosy system of existing councillors co-opting replacements, which may be effortless, but is undemocratic and would seem to discourage lively debate.

It was a pity that at the time of the reduction in parishes the number of town councillors was not scaled down from 31 to 23. Looking at the Weston councillor website it is noted nine do not even give their home address or phone number, and some do not even live in the ward they represent! These unpaid councillors are the frontline for the public to contact should they have a problem, and as such, need to be contactable outside business hours and live in the ward they represent.

There are so many areas that overlap and with more and more services being contracted out even better savings should be available.


Edinburgh Place, Weston

I read Councillor Ashton’s letter in Life magazine with a feeling that we have been here before. The appointment of a Metro Mayor covering the districts of South Gloucester, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and Bristol seems to me to be another step in bringing back the much disliked County of Avon that many of us worked for years to abolish.

This proposal would appear to make Weston dependent upon a Bristol based Metro Mayor and any additional funding may not be allocated to our advantage as our priorities may not be recognised.

If the other districts wish to be part of a Greater Bristol then that is their prerogative but please keep this part of Somerset out of it.


Wingard Close, Uphill

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