Letters to the Editor, June 7, 2012


WE AS a family moved to Weston in 1982. We live at the bottom end of Clifton Road, more or less adjacent to the swimming pool.

Up until the year 2000 it was a highly popular attraction with both visitors and locals, after which it was closed down because it was not paying its way. This I am more than sure was because it was a seasonal attraction and closed in the winter.

I was very concerned when it became a building site storing materials, etc, for the Birse company. However, in my naivety, I truly believed that any damage caused by the heavy vehicles going in and out of the building, as well as the storage of heavy materials, during the construction period would be rectified and the pool reinstated and updated sympathetically as part of a deal for letting it be used for the benefit of Birse.

However none of this has come to pass so I was delighted when I saw the current ideas and artist’s impression of a new all-year-round Tropicana.

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I am very puzzled about why the council’s determination to demolish the building instead of entering into some sort of co-operative plan with the ‘save the Tropicana’ group. I can only say that in my estimation Weston is in need of a really good pool on the front and it would indeed be a great attraction, not only for visiting families with children, but also for the people of Weston to enjoy out of season in many ways.

Given the right priority and investment it would be yet another ‘put Weston on the map attraction’ but one which would benefit the local economy as well as creating a great deal of local goodwill.

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Clifton Road, Weston


DRIVING along the seafront one sunny morning last week and thinking how beautiful Weston seafront is looking now, I was pulled up short to see the condition of the buildings next door to VII, Macfarlane buildings and then from the corner opposite the pier along to the York Hotel.

It is in desperate need of a make-over, paint and repairs.

How could these owners let their businesses get into such a ghastly state? It’s an eyesore and an insult and it’s about time they pulled their socks up.

The square looks great but the premises mentioned need to step up and stop letting us all down. We will all be watching.


Langford Road, Weston


I WOULD like to thank the manager and everyone who arranged and took part in the jubilee party in the Sovereign Shopping Centre.

Coming down in the lift from the car park the two long decorated tables looked so impressive.

After receiving our place number we were given a drink and had our photograph taken before being escorted to our place.

The games had been so well thought out and Marc the clown kept us in order. The food was excellent and given to us in attractive patriotic boxes.

The mayor proposed the toast and we all sang the National Anthem. This was followed by pass the parcel and jubilee cake.

The manager, Nick Cooke, gave the closing speech which ended a perfect celebration enjoyed by us all.


Landemann Circus, Weston

John Groves

I AM seeking the whereabouts of John Groves, who, 56 years ago, lived in Church Road, Worle.

In 1956 John was a Lance Corporal in the Royal Engineers, and I was serving with the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Over the years I have endeavoured to trace John through telephone directories, but it is surprising how many Groves are listed in the greater Somerset area.

On the other hand, he may have moved out of Weston many years ago.

We are both 75 years old now and time is of the essence.

If any of your readers remember John, or know anyone related to him, could they contact me please?


3 Tynewydd Green, Pontnewydd, Cwbran, NP44 1RQ

Telephone: 01633 774205/07582 939455

Email keithrichards1937@yahoo.co.uk


WESTON General Hospital has received a lot of negative comments of late.

I thought I would like to write and say that my husband had to go for an X-ray.

He was seen promptly, in fact, so promptly that he was in and out before we had to pay a car parking fee.

Now that was quick. So well done Weston hospital.


High Street, Banwell

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