HAVING moved from a house with a garden to a flat, without one, the parks have become my garden, and pleasure.

In previous years Grove Park was a joy to walk in, a riot of colourful flower beds and baskets. This year it is far less pleasurable. Half the flower beds have been grassed over or are lying empty. Why?

I am still paying a large council tax but am not provided with the amenity which means so much to me.

I am ashamed to bring visitors into Grove or Clarence Parks as the planting is so poor this year.

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What has happened to the tree baskets our rates have paid for? This is no way to attract tourism or to provide attractive open spaces for residents.

Please council think again about this distressing failure.

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Carlton Mansions, Weston


THE very idea of introducing on street parking charges in Weston is unacceptable.

Charges will discourage visitors. Charges once introduced will increase every year as a cash generator.

What we need is more free parking to encourage visitors, for example parking on the seafront should be free all year round.

So if revenue needs to be raised do it the other way round and have some proper cost-saving measures.

For example just a few: don’t replace working street lights with new ones; don’t publish North Somerset Life magazine; Don’t put up unnecessary signs all over the place; Bring all the council staff at Clevedon offices back to Weston and cut staff numbers on local government by 30 per cent and freeze pensions.

A G F Hillier

Holland Street, Weston

Armed Forces Day

ON SATURDAY June 30 the nation celebrates the commitment and dedication of our military personnel with Armed Forces Day.

This annual event is a time for us all to think about the work of the men and women who serve in our forces.

We should also remember that behind these brave individuals are the parents, partners and families of our troops. These people can sometimes be forgotten but bear the burden of service life as much as those who are serving themselves.

The Somerset Branch of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) Forces Help not only supports our service personnel, past and present, but also their families and dependants.

SSAFA Somerset seeks to find ways that we can help where there is a genuine need. This can be anything from support for a mother whose son has been seriously injured in conflict, to a new television for the elderly widow of a D-Day veteran. It just takes one days of service to be eligible and that includes anyone who undertook National Service, their wives or widows.

If you or someone you know in Somerset has served in the military or has a military connection and needs help, then the local branch of SSAFA is here to assist. We can be contacted at 01984 624564.


Publicity officer Somerset Branch SSAFA Forces Help


I RECENTLY witnessed, whilst waiting to see a nurse, a succession of visitors to the Worle Medical Practice booking in for appointments.

I was more than surprised at the attitude of some of the patients to the reception staff both on the phone and at the desk.

It seemed to me that the main problem was that people’s requests weren’t being dealt with there and then, even when it was explained by staff that they would deal with issues when they could.

I appreciate that the practice has had some bad press over the last couple of years but to me it seems the ‘holier than thou’ attitude of some of the patients is unacceptable to those working there who are merely trying to do their job.

I have had illness over the past year that at one point required daily attention from nurses and I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the staff with the treatment I sought.

I received everything I asked for from both the nurses and the reception staff, so by definition they are doing everything they can and can do no more.

People should remember this when they don’t quite get what they want immediately and try being patient patients.


Bree Close, Worle

Shallow water

THOSE councillors on North Somerset Council must be out of their minds if they want to demolish the Tropicana.

With what is a seaside resort with a non-existent sea apart from brief visits from muddy shallow water, Weston desperately needs a seafront swimming facility.

Knightstone baths closed in spite of an entrance fee being charged. Hutton Moor is too far inland.

In my former days having travelled as a sales rep across the whole of the west side of England from Carlisle via the West Midlands and then south to Bournemouth then west to Land’s End, I can think of no other major resort without the chance of sea bathing, or some other facility.

Applause to Derek Mead. Shame on North Somerset Council.


Bleadon Hill, Weston

Civic pride

MY SISTER and I have just returned from a touring holiday in Yorkshire and were very impressed by the well-kept towns and villages everywhere we visited.

Not one pavement cyclist did we see, nor were there any black rubbish bags or ‘doggie’ bags littering the streets.

Obviously those northern residents have a large measure of civic pride.

What a difference when we returned to Weston! Dull, drab, dirty and downright dangerous.... Enough said.


Stanley Road, Weston


I WAS delighted to read in last week’s Weston Mercury how the owners of Weston’s Grand Pier siblings Kerry and Michelle Michael will be officially recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

They will receive MBEs for services to the restoration of the seafront attraction after its devastating fire in July 2008 and protecting the town from potentially huge economic damage and their creation of the Axentis Michael Trust, which has donated thousands of pounds to local charities in memory of the duo’s father.

People watched in dismay as a blaze engulfed this much-loved landmark that was reduced to a tangled mess of metal.

The devastated owners, Kerry and Michelle Michael vowed to rebuild and they have kept to their word.

In October 2010 they unveiled a world class venue, which has provided a spur for Weston to renovate its entire seafront. They put our town once again with their spectacular Grand Pier all-weather indoor theme park complete with dodgems, arcade, games, crazy house and helter skelter back on the map.


Victoria Park, Weston


I HAVE launched a website - http://www.dogsonleads.doglovers.co.uk - to encourage online discussion of North Somerset Council’s proposed dog control order.

I fear the order, which threatens �1,000 fines, will make it extremely difficult for many dog owners to find places where their dogs can run and play.

The Animal Welfare Act of 2006 requires dog owners to “provide your dog with regular opportunities for exercise and play with people or other friendly dogs”.

There is a possible �20,000 fine for owners who do not give dogs proper care - 20 times the size of the fine for breaching a control order.

I am not familiar with most of the places targeted by the council.

The one I know is Clarence Park, where my three terriers play twice a week.

Many other dog owners use the park as well. It’s fun to watch the dogs’ antics.

Dogs and owners always seem to be on their best behaviour and I have never seen anything at the park to suggest a need for new restrictions.


Thornbury Road, Uphill


MANY thanks and also many congratulations to all the groups of Morris Dancers I saw giving a wonderful performance in Clarence Park last Sunday.

I’m sure all their other appearances were just as good. It was very enjoyable especially as there were so many young dancers.


Underhill Drive, Uphill

Thank you

ON JUNE 2 I unfortunately fell whilst visiting the pier, sustaining several cuts, damaging glasses and fracturing my hand.

There were several people who came to my aid before the ambulance arrived, including the pier staff and especially the midwife who comforted and re-assured me immediately after the fall.

The ambulance staff and doctors were wonderful.

I would like to say a sincere thank you to all who ‘put me back together again’. I can’t thank them enough!


Brompton Road, Poulton-Le-Fylde,


THANK you for your letter, I am very excited to have won the book competition.

I go to a lovely school called Lympsham First School and I will be leaving in July to start at a new school, Hugh Sexeys.

I love books. My favourite author is Emily Bearn who writes about Tumtum & Nutmeg.

Our headteacher has just spent a lot of money on a new library, therefore I would like to share my prize with the school as a leaving present – books are for sharing.

I hope this is OK. Best wishes.


Church Lane, Lympsham

? The books in the competition were donated by Ron Ellis.

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