Letters to the Editor, November 4

It slopes

I MAY seem like a grumpy old man to some people, but I do listen to what others say.

A number of my friends are very concerned about the wall that has been constructed between the promenade and the road, especially from the Grand Pier to Knightstone.

In the past, visitors to the seafront have been able to cross the road at many points but now they are funnelled through the few gaps in the wall.

However, the main concern is the pavement on the road side of the wall. I use the term pavement loosely because I am not sure that this is its main purpose. It slopes from the wall towards the road and I have seen people walk on this ‘pavement’ and even an old lady trying to walk along with a zimmerframe.

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Now, not everybody is going to use the gaps in the wall. The young will be tempted to jump it and land on the slope. In wet or icy conditions they could easily lose their balance because you cannot see the slope from the promenade. Would it be possible to place warning notices on the wall, which at least would safeguard the council for any claims in the event of a serious accident?

Some of us can see the danger - can the council?

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Clarence Grove Road, Weston

Access roads

AT LONG last North Somerset Council has decided to do something with the old Weston Airfield with the proposal to build a multi-million pound leisure complex and a business development centre (The Hive) with completion being forecast for 2012.

This development will, as has been stated, bring thousands more commuters into the Weston area and will further jam up our access roads.

If this is to happen, and we have been promised in the past that the Airfield would be developed, then the conversion into a leisure or business park or both should be applied but if this is to happen then consideration must also be given to the residents as well as the commuters wishing to gain access to these proposed developments.

In order to do this, junction 21 of the M5 has to be looked at in a more determined way to accommodate the increase in traffic and this means a complete redevelopment of the junction, not a temporary solution as has already been put forward by the council.

If the people involved were to drive up to junction 11 of the M4 they would see what a reconstruction of a motorway junction is so that future traffic can be accommodated

Failing this, why not give further thought to building Junction 21A. This would not only relieve the pressure on Junction 21 but would allow access to these new proposed developments at the same time.

We all want Weston to improve. It is happening on the seafront with the new promenade and the re-birth of the Grand Pier and if the Tropicana proposal from Richard Nightingale is given the go ahead then this will bring more visitors into the town and subsequently increase the prosperity of local businesses.

The re-construction of Junction 21 and possibly the introduction of Junction 21A would help to give these current and future developments and proposals a chance.


South Lawn Close, Locking

For all to share

“YOU should put your child on a lead.” That is what the owner of a Labrador told me yesterday in Ashcombe Park. That’s after her dog had chased my four-year-old daughter and her friend for five minutes. It then took my little girl’s teddy and ran off with it.

The owner had to wrestle the toy from the dog’s mouth.

As I was trying to console my little girl, who was frightened half to death, the owner gave me the chewed toy back and said it was my daughter’s fault because “she had run away, that’s why the dog had chased her.”

I am sick of dog owners thinking that the parks are there just to exercise their animals in. They are for us all to share and if you cannot control your dog you must put it on a lead.

The park ranger I spoke to confirmed that if a dog is out of control in the park the owner can be fined �75.

He kindly gave me his mobile number and I recommend that other parents get it in their phones too so we can stop these irresponsible dog owners. Not only has the one I encountered terrified two little girls with her ignorant behaviour she also gives other dog owners a bad name.


Manor Road, Weston

Why the change?

ARE we witnessing the start of the Henry Boot syndrome regarding the building of the Tropicana, with Richard Nightingale having cold feet at the first hurdle? (Mercury October 21).

Did he not assure us that all the monies were in place for the project to go ahead, so why the change?

Removing the eyesore of Dolphin Square and replacing it with a modern shopping complex will benefit the town and bring more people in.

The result will be more people using the seafront facilities.

So Richard Nightingale, you need the Kerry Michael Syndrome and get things done regardless of the obstacles.


Hemming Way, Hutton

Enough evil

AGAIN we have had an extravaganza concerning ghouls, witches and ghosts, encouraging our children to have so called ‘fun’ with it all.

Can anyone tell me when we will celebrate the real reason for ‘All Hallows Eve’? It is, after all, the day before ‘All Saints Day’ or the sacred, or hallowed day when we celebrate those who have done marvellous and sacrificial things with their lives for others, in the service of God.

There is surely enough evil in the world already without encouraging children to have ‘fun’ with it.

In these days we need words of hope, love and holiness. But will the merchandisers seize that opportunity? I wonder!


Ashcombe Road, Weston


I AM becoming increasingly concerned over the current and future traffic problems in Weston.

I know it is great that the Pier is open again but if the near gridlock which occurred last week is the fore runner of the chaos to come, heaven help us.

I realise that the pier, the (hopefully) revamped museum and the Tropicana (if it is ever built) will be a help to traders in the town, but I ask at what cost.

I also read in last week’s Mercury that there are plans to build a ski-slope and ice rink by 2012.

Admittedly this will be on the outskirts of town but it will only add to the problems at Malfunction Junction.

Having taken 25 minutes to reach the main road from the Waitrose car park on Friday I really do fear the worst.

The infrastructure is just not adequate now. I want to know what our council intends to do to help to build better road systems and to avoid compete gridlock in the future.

If rapid improvements are not made, people will not come to Weston and the town’s potential for new found growth and prosperity will never materialise.


Nithsdale Road, Weston

Frequent user

I HAVE been concerned by recent letters expressing confusion about the traffic lights at the Flowerdown roundabout.

The council made it clear when installing the scheme that the lights were computer controlled.

As a frequent user of this roundabout from all four entry points, I find that the reduction in congestion and the increased safety rank this scheme as an unqualified success.

Traffic is held exiting Locking Castle to enable a greater flow of traffic into Weston from the A370, traffic exiting from the retail park now has a chance to do so safely, as does traffic exiting from Locking Castle.

Perhaps the engineers responsible could turn their attention to malfunction junction, or J21?


Old Banwell Road, Locking

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