Letters to the Editor, November 28, 2013


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TERRIBLE news that the RNLI will be leaving Birnbeck Island.

I fear that this evacuation will negate any attempt to save the old pier and foresee that Weston will lose this wonderful piece of seaside architecture.

Having strived to rescue this unique structure for the last 17 years I am bitterly disappointed.


Baytree Road, Weston

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NORTH Somerset Council’s salting routes appear to exclude many local bus routes.

I’m thinking in particular of route 7 in Severn Road/Avenue and Loxton Road, the route through the Bournville estate and routes in Uphill and Hutton. There are probably others. Even the roads surrounding the bus depot are excluded.

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Could somebody important please explain why bus passenger safety is not given greater priority?


Clifton Road, Weston

I WOULD like to thank the driver of the black car who failed to stop after hitting the wing mirror of my car last week as I was parked on Wansbrough Road.

It has shown me that not everyone has consideration for other people while using the roads around Worle.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get the registration number of the car due to the speed it was going, but thankfully there wasn’t much damage done.

As someone who lives on Wansbrough Road and uses it every day, I regularly see people breaking the speed limit as they race along with no consideration for other drivers, cyclists or pedestrians.

But the blame can’t all be put on drivers, there are also pedestrians who cross the road without looking – with headphones plugged in or heads down concentrating on phones - there is no thought to vehicles that also use the road. There have been a few times when I have been indicating to turn down a side road and while turning someone has walked out in front of me forcing me to sharply brake; yet I get a look from them as if it is my fault.

Wansbrough Road is used regularly by people walking to the schools at either end and, as previously mentioned in the Mercury, there have been accidents due to someone not paying attention or cars speeding. A pedestrian crossing has been suggested many times through the years and while this may help, it is up to those who use the roads and pavements to pay attention and ensure they are using them safely.

With the colder weather coming and therefore frost, ice and potentially snow, I think it is about time people started to have a bit more consideration for others when using the roads.


Wansbrough Road, Worle

I COULD not believe it but Councillor Elfan Ap Rees was quoted last week in the Mercury re residents’ parking: “This is a good news story … this will make sure there is sufficient parking bays and off-road parking is close to homes”.

Silly me. This was not for town centre residents but for new developments.

He continues his inexplicable vendetta against residents who have cars or receive visitors in cars. He has never given a sensible reason for his stance, but then who can?


Palmer Row, Weston

RECENTLY my wife made two telephone calls, the first to Bristol Water.

The telephone was immediately answered by a friendly lady who answered a query in just a few minutes, with absolutely no stress involved.

The second call was to our local doctor’s surgery, again with just a query. With so many buttons to push and nobody to speak to, my wife gave up in an hour and I had to make the journey to the surgery to sort out the query.

Had my wife been ill she would certainly had got a lot worse with all the messing about.

Telephoning can cause so much stress these days so full marks to Bristol Water for reminding us what the old days were like.


Clarence Grove Road, Weston

TO SYLVIA, Keith, Margaret and all other members of Worle Lions Club that came to help at Worle Community Centre’s Craft Fayre on November 15 and 16, 2013.

Without your help, expertise and kindness, during a time of stress, it took just one phone call to find some wonderful help.

We couldn’t have done it without you, thank you for coming to our rescue.

You are truly Lions with hearts.

Much love and thanks to you all.


Lawrence Road, Worle

THANK YOU Playhouse for giving us ‘Talon the best of Eagles’ last Friday evening.

What a night, I have not partied so much for ages.

Well done.


Langport Road, Weston

SO THERE will be no more episodes of ‘The Café’ on TV. That is a pity. It means that Cyril’s Café will no longer appear by the Marine Lake.

That is regrettable because Cyril’s Café has been one of the seafront’s most attractive features.

I’d like to think that it was named for my uncle Cyril Hicks who was the proprietor of Sunny Leigh Hotel, but it is unlikely. Be that as it may, why can’t Cyril’s Café be rebuilt on the site as a permanent feature?


Priory Road, Weston

IT WAS interesting to see a fellow member of the civic society taking up some of comments I made to the council of 2011.

I’m sure we all agree that the building in of competition to any of Weston’s businesses is a strange but necessary way of life for the planning committee.

As Odeon has the largest screen, the latest high quality projection equipment and new luxury seating I am hoping that Odeon can see off the competition in fine style.

The decision of the planning committee to allow more cinemas to be built where there is no need is a very questionable one. Why was it agreed?

I personally wish the Odeon and staff continuing success and hope that suggested new projects for the building do materalise and the business goes from strength to strength. Watch this space.


Warrilow Close, Weston

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