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HEARTY congratulations to the Mercury for its frank interview with John Penrose over his expenses.

HEARTY congratulations to the Mercury for its frank interview with John Penrose over his expenses. If it wasn't for the bravery of the media none of us would know the full extent of many MPs' arrogance and self-interest.

As for John P's own expenses, in this climate it's very easy for people like me to be drawn to the inevitable conclusion, despite denials, that he did indeed play the system.

Why else would he make a point of moving three minutes nearer Westminster after he was elected, leaving a perfectly good home that was already paid for to a new one we taxpayers are obliged to cough up for, to the tune of thousands of pounds. Isn't this just a clever form of 'flipping'?

I read the article and interview several times looking for the word 'sorry'. It wasn't there. I looked for any sign at all of contrition - no. I did see phrases such as 'I could have legitimately claimed much more', and I've actually short-changed myself by several thousands pounds'. He seems content to let the 'system' decide whether he has done wrong or not, but has no inkling that the world has moved on and it's the people who are judging now.

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In a way I am more upset to know I am also paying for John Penrose' advertising newsletter, he might like to call it 'communications', but I've been in sales and marketing long enough to know this is political advertising pure and simple. I don't mind reading it but I don't expect my taxes to pay for it. Weston's other parties pay their own way and so should he. I have written to David Cameron today asking him to stop this abuse of expenses.

Rest assured, we'll know if our MP is working hard or not for Weston because the results will be obvious. I can tell you, John, there's a long way to go on that front.

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