Summer body ready: lose weight effectively with Slimming World

Before and after: Iona is one of Slimming World's many success stories. Pictures: Slimming World

Before and after: Iona is one of Slimming World's many success stories. Pictures: Slimming World - Credit: Pictures: Slimming World

Now is the time to start a healthy diet and exercise plan to lose weight for the summer, and Slimming World can help you do it.

Getting active in the summer with Slimming World. Picture: Slimming World

Getting active in the summer with Slimming World. Picture: Slimming World - Credit: Picture: Slimming World

It’s a pattern many people repeat, year in, year out. Come June or July, the weather gets hot, you gleefully dig out a summery outfit, put it on, look in the mirror… and suddenly things aren’t looking so bright. How can you lose weight quickly, to get that ‘summer body’?

The answer is that you can’t, not safely or with lasting results. The best time to start losing weight for the summer is now, in the spring. If you begin a healthy diet and exercise programme, and stick to that plan, you’ll be looking in the mirror in a few months time, loving the way your summer clothes flatter your physique.

Iona is one of these success stories. She was a member of Slimming World consultant Amy Baker’s group at The Campus community centre, Weston Super Mare. Iona joined after she saw a photo of herself at a family barbeque, and was ‘devastated’ at her appearance. She was determined to lose weight for her summer holiday, and went away one and a half stone lighter.

Iona said: “The difference that weight loss made to me was incredible. It was the first adult holiday when I truly felt comfortable wearing a bikini, and could actually relax on the beach. And the hot evenings were so much more enjoyable.”

Summertime fun with Slimming World. Picture: Slimming World

Summertime fun with Slimming World. Picture: Slimming World - Credit: Picture: Slimming World

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Having experienced the difference slimming can make, Iona is now a Slimming World consultant herself, and runs the group at the Ebdon Arms at Wick St Lawrence on Monday evenings.

So, how does Slimming World do it? Well, the organisation has years of experience in helping people lose weight, through a long-term and effective change in their diet and lifestyle. Members have access to hundreds of easy, delicious recipes for meals and snacks which never leave them feeling hungry or deprived. The dishes are also suitable for freezing, and for family meals. This is the best kind of diet plan for losing weight; one that fits in with your lifestyle and isn’t difficult to follow. And you won’t feel you’re missing out on summery treats; Slimming World has some special recipes for the warmer days. How about Black Forest ice lollies, made with cherries, frozen yoghurt and dark chocolate? That’s part of the Slimming World healthy diet plan.

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Members are also helped to become more active, with the emphasis on finding a type of exercise that they enjoy, which fits in with their lifestyle. Slimming World’s activity programme, Body Magic, is designed to overcome the psychological barriers to exercise, redefining what ‘counts’ as activity. Members experience the benefits of taking small amounts of exercise, regularly. At their own pace, they can build this up to higher levels of activity, boosting weight loss, energy and improving their mood and sleep patterns.

But one of Slimming World’s most powerful tools is IMAGE therapy. This stands for Individual Motivation And Group Experience, and it takes place at every meeting. While everyone’s path to weight loss is different, the support of a group can make the difference between success and disappointment. If weight loss is happening too slowly, or if you suffer a setback, it’s easy to become discouraged and give up. Members share their experiences and give each other tips on how they overcame lapses in willpower or confidence.

So, if you make a start now, can you really lose weight in time for the summer? Well, a few years ago, external researchers looked at the progress of 1.3 million Slimming World members over three months. Their report showed that the programme produced clinically significant weight losses during that period. Slimming World was also reported as a more positive weight loss experience, compared to a conventional calorie reduction programme.*

For more information on Slimming World, and to find details on your nearest group, visit

*Details of research available on the Slimming World website

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