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LAST Saturday morning I attended a very interesting and lively meeting at the Blakehay concerning the campaign to Save our Museum.

LAST Saturday morning I attended a very interesting and lively meeting at the Blakehay concerning the campaign to Save our Museum.

At one point during the proceedings Cllr Peter Bryant got up to speak. He likened himself to 'Daniel in the Lions' Den'.

Is he not aware that Daniel was a trusted and honourable man who by trickery and deceit was cast into a den of vicious lions in the hope by his enemies, that he would be silenced forever?

Which means of course that Cllr Bryant apparently sees the good folk of Weston as malevolent animals baying for his blood.

You may also want to watch:

Reverse the situation and you have a band of people loyal to our heritage standing up for what we believe in against a load of smooth talking, completely deaf councillors who would sell off our treasures for a few pieces of silver.

They would do well to remember the story of David and Goliath.

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Also let us not forget we are talking about the man who had a sticker in the back of his car proclaiming to the world that 'For a small town this one sure has a lot of ass holes'. Was he including himself I wonder as he kept referring to Weston as 'his town'? If not then he should.


Lawrence Close


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